Apr 172004

I was putting on my make-up when I noticed…zits around my nose. Cue the music from the movie, Psycho, just as Norman Bates is about to do the terrible deed. Noooo! Where did these spots come from? I know, I know, what I detest I manifest, right?

The ever-patient voice within said: “See the perfection in the imperfection.”


“You know what I mean, you have the Mind of God which is perfection, see the perfection in all, now!”

To be honest I was too busy picking on the spots and covering them with cover cream to pay much attention. Perfection, be made manifest as my skin now, why don’t you?

The voice told me to look at a vase of wilting flowers.

“What do you see?”

“Roses on their last legs?”

“Look again.”

I did and around the wilting roses I saw a luminous coating around it.

“What you are witnessing is eternal life around the rose. This is Perfection, that which is abundant life.”

I went to the kitchen to have my breakfast and looked out of the window at the trees and the birds chirping away. Perfection, which I observed as light, filled the gaps and made everything more alive, whole. I reconnected to this energy and ate my Weetabix cereal. Yum! Even more yummy as I could taste more, it’s difficult to put into words but the cereal tasted of Love. I know it doesn’t make sense but I seemed to have tapped into a lot more of the cereal to the source of Pure Weetabix Energy. Oh, forget it, there’s no other way to describe it.

I went for a walk and all around me was this Perfection. Yes I felt divine energy pouring through me, as per usual, and flowing out into the universe but today I felt like I was in a jelly (jello) mould. All is contained within that jelly. How best to describe this? You know when you’re preparing jelly and you pour boiling water to the solid jelly and melt it and add cold water (depending on how soft or hard you want the final version)? You could pour this jelly solution into a mould or patterns to make interesting jellies. This is how I experienced the universe. All forms are jelly moulds; while majority of the jelly exists as liquid i.e. invisible to the physical senses. The jelly moulds that are solid appear as humans, animals, plants, land, sea, etc.

Everyone has equal access to this liquid jelly. To transform the liquid jelly into form you have to take a dip into the ocean of jelly which transmutes you from a jelly mould into a liquid jelly i.e. back to basics. Then put out an intent, wish or desire which already exists within the jelly and trust. And before you can say “would you like cream with that?” new moulds appear. Enjoy…

On my walk I observed jelly liquid-substance around everyone I came across and, because I could see their perfected jelly nature, people were ever so friendly. Oh was it that I was grinning so hard at the superabundance of jelly around that people found my smile infectious?

I have to tell you guys that wholeness, perfection, freedom, peace, love, truth, abundance, life, all there is, exist as liquid jelly around everyone. It is up to You to make your final jelly mould as interesting and fun as you dare.

Life is sweet! I do love my jelly universe.

Have a joyful day in your own jelly moulds.

Enocia Joseph

  One Response to “The Universe is One Big Jelly”

  1. Very Nice…Today is the Big Jelly’s birthday. Be Here Now, Now Be Here. Even a big piece of toe callus has beauty. Once in a while you can get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.