Apr 272004

God is the intelligence behind the Internet.

Each website is a portal leading to collective portals that make up the World Wide Web. In the ideal world, each portal represents God manifesting as that experience; while the World Wide Web represents infinite mind. In the human reality this is not the case. The human idea of infinite mind is a fragmented one consisting of conflicting beliefs; while each portal is a distorted representation of the Real.

If we are to use this Internet model as God appearing, we should remember to treat information on the Internet as symbols only and reach behind the symbols to the real Mind behind the Internet. Only within this Mind can pure wisdom be found, wisdom that knows nothing of beliefs nor can it be influenced by collective thought. However, by the time you try to translate Wisdom into words, it’s back to a distorted version of Reality again. How do you get round this? By making a commitment to constantly update your website.

There are many companies who have full time staff to update their websites. Some sites are updated from time to time, and others on a daily basis. When people update their websites, are they replacing old knowledge with new, inspired ones from Mind; or replacing one belief with another? Chances are it is the latter. If you’re tapping into Mind, updates are crucial as God is forever unfolding new ideas.

By all means let us use the Internet to share experiences of truth. But let us not get attached to our beliefs. Let us be prepared to give up tired stories for inspired ones. Most of all, let us remember to continue to link in with the Intelligence behind all that is forever revealing new ideas to experience life.

In truth, we don’t need the Internet to access Truth. We only need to link in directly to God. Nevertheless I love the Internet because it is humanity’s attempt at expressing Reality.

And a fine job they’re doing too!

Enocia Joseph

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  1. Bless you.Compassion and love are needed most at this moment in time.
    My blessings.B.

  2. Hi there,

    Amazing! I was thinking the other day about the Internet as Source and trying to recall whether I’d written something about this. You’ve answered my question, B. :-)

    Bless you.

    With love,