May 272004

Many people often wonder about the omnipresence of God. Can Infinity be divided? Have we got God fragments? How does Oneness work? I say we all know how this works as it is demonstrated all the time around us but we act as if we don’t. Time for an example.

If you’ve ever bought a record, tape or CD or listened to music on the radio you know how omnipresence works. Imagine if a music artist were to perform to all his fans in person. It is impossible. No human has the resource or energy. The best way for everyone to have the artist’s work is by CD, record or tape. In the same way, the Spirit of God is equally divided in all where every bit of creation contains the whole; just like every fan has the perfect replica of the CD. This is a perfect demonstration of omnipresence.

This story, posted via the Internet, is a demonstration of my omnipresence. I may never meet any of you readers in person yet I am already with you through these ideas.

What you do with the CD (or this story) is your business. You find some people, instead of enjoying the music for what it is, have to get advice from a music critic and bring that bias to the music. To fully appreciate the music is to listen without judgment. In the same way to fully appreciate God is to be without preconceived ideas so one can enjoy God’s fullness. Unfortunately many people have so many interpretations of what God is supposed to be like rather than what He is.

What about eternity? There are artists like Beethoven and Mozart who have long passed away yet millions are still enjoying their music. This is a demonstration of eternity. I can imagine people will still be listening to classical music for generations to come. In the same way, God is eternal and exists for all time.

So if you ever have cause to doubt God’s omnipresence check out your CDs, tapes, DVDs, books, art collection…and tell me again you don’t understand omnipresence.

I am with you always

Enocia Joseph