May 292004

Illusions have to be forgiven at the level on which they seemingly occur. That’s why enlightenment cannot be postponed to some kind of afterlife. It has to happen while one is still being tempted to judge appearances as real. The mind cannot let go of illusions to which it’s not being exposed.

In illusions it takes two to tango, because illusions do not belong to reality but to the dualist thought of separation. First, there’s an illusory level of mind outside time and space which is projecting the universe, including the appearances of bodies in sickness and health. This takes no time at all. Second, there’s a ‘personal’ level where everything in this universe is being interpretated as either real or unreal. The first level of the dreaming mind usually is not under our direct control as ‘human’ beings but the second has a free choice for either judgment or forgiveness. To judge means to take the illusion of separation for real; to forgive means to overlook that and to take only the Kingdom of Heaven for real. Through forgiveness also the illusory division of mind levels is made undone. Forgiveness proves the willingness of the sleeping mind to awaken. The dreamer cannot awaken himself but without his willingness on the level of interpretation awakening wouldn’t happen at all.

This makes the level of interpretation, our ‘human’ existence, crucial to whether enlightenment occurs or not – enlightenment being the complete removal of all impediments to the Realization of Heaven, Pure Oneness, God.

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  1. I’m reading Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe (ISBN 0-9656809-5-0) for the third time now and still am finding lots of striking passages.

    Today’s harvest:

    “… You must practice forgiveness on the level where your experience is. Yes, you have to understand the metaphysics of the Course in order to understand what you’re doing. But your forgiveness is done here, which means you should be practical – and respectful of other people and their experience. In other words, when you’re living your everyday life, be kind. Your job isn’t to correct others. Just help the Holy Spirit clean up your wrong mind by switching to your right mind, and then leave the rest to him.” [page 166,167]

    “The Course is addressed to the part of your mind that needs to choose between the ego and the Holy Spirit.” [page 167]

    “If it’s not real, then it’s not something to fear. But it is something to forgive.” [page 167]

    “… when it comes to the illusion of time, you should understand that sin equals the past, guilt equals the present, and fear equals the future.” [page 168]

    “You should also recognize that fear, sin, rage, guilt, jealousy, anger, pain, worry, resentment, revenge, loathing, envy and all other negative emotions are versions of the same illusion. That’s why the Course taught very clearly, before all the borrowers came along, that

    Fear and love are the only emotions of which you are capable.

    [page 168]