Jun 022004

Why do we pray to have more love or for love to pour through us? Love is all there is.

We cannot do anything without God since all is in God. As St Paul puts it:

“There is no power but of God.” (Romans 13: 1)

We cannot think but God’s thoughts. It is only when we believe we are thinking outside of God that chaos ensues.

God exists everywhere. He interpenetrates all time and all space, thus all is God; hence, no time or space but God. Since God is all and really the substance of all, why do we need to ask for more Love? We already have infinite Love flowing within and without. You breathe in, you breathe Love. You breathe out, you breathe Love. Whatever you do, say or think is God’s Love.

Why do we need more love? Because we believe we haven’t God’s love or that we are separate from God. We have never been separate. All is God. All is Love.

Since we are already at one with God, or God is already where we are, our experiences are unlimited. Alas failure to grasp the truth that God is already right where we are results in us creating and experiencing mortal lack and limitation in unlimited ways. You can’t go blaming God for this. If you use God-substance to create lack, then you get unlimited lack. If on the other hand you simply rest in the truth that you are Unlimited Good, as there is and has never been any separation between you and God, you experience unlimited Good.

God’s Goodness is not dependent on being deserving, or learning lessons of duality i.e. experiencing bad in order to appreciate good etc. You don’t have to go to war to have peace. God is Love, which translates into peace in the world. Even if all humans/life was wiped out there will always be Love. In other words Love is always Love with or without us. Love is always Love with or without our awareness. As it is written: “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehendeth it not.” (John 1: 5)

And another thing. When we fully grasp that God/Love exists in all time and space this means that we have never sinned because God/Love has always been the only reality. This realisation has the power to wipe out all memory of ‘mistakes’ or the human notion of ‘sin’ in the past. There is indeed no need to work out ‘sins’ of the past since the eternal Now is the only time where we can work out our salvation. Think what this actually means to realise that Love has always existed and that it knows nothing but Love!

I don’t believe there is any need to ask for more Love. Surely our prayers should be to be reminded that we are Love; that we are already infinite Good.

We are Love expressing Self as Love in all ways.

All my love,

Enocia Joseph