Jun 292004

Yesterday I met a baby on the bus. I knew that there was a reason why I was drawn to play with her. I spoke to her grandmother and she mentioned that the baby was allergic to wheat. I asked her how she knew the baby was allergic and she said the baby comes up with rashes.

I knew this conversation was linked up with what I’d been pondering about, Mind. I have observed many babies to be in bliss when their needs are met and I know they are connected to Mind. On the other hand because they are experiencing life as humans they are also besieged by what I shall call in this article “surface mind.” Surface mind contains the disparate and conflicting beliefs about reality, which manifests in many ways. The baby’s allergy is a manifestation of surface mind. Many things we see around us emerge from surface mind which result in a mentality that is contradictory. You might eat something that gives you pleasure and that same thing will end up giving you pain. You love someone then you hate them. The list is endless. It’s all surface mind stuff.

Then there is Deep Mind, the one that mystics have written of, that reveals one’s divine nature. As you go deeper you might have many experiences. In the book “The Light of the Soul,” which is an analysis of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, there’s a sutra about the different voices. (Author is Alice Bailey) As you go deeper you hear the “still small voice” of the Christ; the Word or Aum of the Monad; the Breath from the Logos. I’ve actually experienced all of these voices. Patanjali talks about 7 levels, the Logos being the highest, but I’m sure there are more. It’s all about going deeper.

In his teachings, Jesus alluded to the difference between “surface” and “deep” mind. He uses the metaphor of understanding of Truth as either one building his house on the earth and it is unstable; or one who digs “deep” and builds his house on a rock which is firm and steady. The house built on the earth is the “surface” mind while the one on rock is “deep” mind. (Luke 6: 48-49)

In another example, the story goes that Jesus’ went into Simon’s boat where he taught the multitudes. Simon and his friends had been fishing all night and caught nothing. Jesus said to Simon: “Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.” Simon was doubtful but still he obeyed and they ended up catching so many fishes that their nets broke. It is written that after that episode they forsook all and followed Jesus. (Luke 5: 4-11) Jesus was teaching here that real power can only be found in Deep mind.

How do I go into “deep” mind? I find meditation to be the easiest route. I’ve got so used to meditating that I can go deep in a few seconds. I use the inner sounds of God as a guide that takes me into a deep state of consciousness. I can be in that state and still going about my day to day affairs. The way I know I’ve gone deeper is my experience of the world changes. For instance, a miracle occurred last week in London when the sun came out for a few hours. :-) I was on the bus going into town. I used to avoid sitting in the sun because I would get headaches if I so much as catch a ray. (And they say people with dark skin have better protection! ;-)) I sat in the sun and closed my eyes and sank into Inner Silence. I soon fell asleep, but I was also aware that I was still in Inner Silence. The heat of the sun suddenly changed and it didn’t feel like anything. I woke up and checked to see whether the sun was still shining and it was. I even had a coat on which would have made me feel hot if I was in “surface mind” but I was neither hot nor cold.

This morning I left home in “surface mind.” I had on my sandals since it was quite warm this morning. Because the heels are a lot lower than my usual shoes I felt pain in my ankles. As I walked the pain got worse. I instantly switched into “deep mind” and I immediately felt lighter and freer and felt nothing.

I find that when I’m in “deep” mind everything is easier. I don’t have to worry about defending myself against error, the Mind does the work. It is at this state of consciousness that the impossible become possible. I daresay as this mind becomes my permanent reality, walking on water will be very natural. Just yesterday I had a moment of panic when I felt so light I thought I’d lost weight. I jumped on the scale and saw I weighed the same 8 stones. Hmmm! If I’m going to walk on water, I’m going to have to stop worrying about weight. :-)

I guess what I’m experiencing is All is Mind but to gain freedom and perfection I have to “launch out into the deep.”

Coming from the Deep,
Enocia Joseph

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  1. Great examples of what you call the deep mind etc.

    Are you a boy or girl?

    Without and with terminology I have experienced such moments when in difficulty myself.

    When does it come automatically all the time do you think? Like when do you think the lessons of correcting yourself from errant creations to just letting-go to the deep end and it’s all without that correcting step?

    You seem to experience your/our true nature and that is as it should be. But babies have for a long time experienced deeper minds and that has not in and of itself changed the Earth experience from mostly illusion to a manifestation of reality as it IS. So what can you do that the babies can’t do to bring the world back to wholeness within everyone’s experience?

    If that is not your purpose then why come here or stay here on Earth where most still prefer illusionary dramas over the free life?

    Peace and Love from Des Moines, Iowa, Ed.

  2. Hi Ed

    Your comments made me smile.

    I’m delighted to hear that you experience Deep Mind.

    I’m neither a boy or a girl but in human terms I am in a woman’s body. :-)

    Like the majority having a human experience I’ve been under the same programme. I’ve tried discipline to try to reprogramme but that hasn’t worked so well. I have had to submit to Deeper Mind/Inner Silence (IS). Now all I have to do is remember that Inner Silence is within me. So the moment I find myself thinking too much IS either silences the thoughts or I remember that IS is within me which silences the thoughts. Once thoughts are silenced there are no further creations.

    The difference between babies and a self-realised “adult” who is aware is that babies are in Deep Mind but don’t know they are in it and a self-realised “adult” is very much aware he is in Deep Mind. Thus babies can be programmed by the carnal-mind of humanity while one who is conscious cannot.

    You asked: “So what can you do that the babies can’t do to bring the world back to wholeness within everyone’s experience?”

    Deep Mind has always existed and will always exist. My purpose here is to help people remember that Deep Mind is easily accesible by all. This Mind doesn’t need our help thus it’s no use trying to perceive it through the senses or through the human mind. When we access Deep Mind it will manifest Paradise on Earth. This is why Jesus’ never took credit for any of his miracles. He always said that it is the Father that was doing the work. The Father is Deep Mind at work which worked through Jesus.

    Thank you so much for your comments, Ed.

    All my love, Enocia :-)

  3. Thanks, ONE in a girls body. I loved your answers.

    How old is your body?

    What do you mean when you say that babies are in deep mind but are not aware of it?

    Free Life, One Life, Eternal Life, Ed.

  4. Enocia, my dear, I knew what you mean, as I am in a man’s body. However, the physique has taken a backseat as the spirit and mind had merged with the One Universal Mind. Love, Peace and Joy to all.

  5. Hi Leia,

    This is excellent! Yesterday I had an experience where I recalled this article. Little did I know someone was reading this.

    We are truly One.

    Lots of love,
    Enocia :-)

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  6. I don’t know what I am looking for though I guess it seems in search of self, you might have achieved that. But I have one question (I know curiosity in silence is more of noise), but do you have any desire now.. I mean whatever it is.. since what I read is desirelessness is the Goal.. or infact Goal is to not have any goal whatsoever it will be. Have u experienced that. Thanks a lot

  7. Hi Rajeev,

    Do I have desires? Of course I do. I still have desires to write, to eat, to play, to have fun, to love, to be; desires never end as long as I am in form. I’m just having the desires with God.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    With love,

  8. Surface mind and deep mind could also be equated with the organic brain and the multidimensional consciousness.
    Another great book that discusses this and much more is free online at:

  9. Thank you so much for sharing, Bruce.

    With love,