Jun 122004

“All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” (John 1: 3)

I’m doing what I do best, can you guess what? Going for another walk, what else!

I’m exploring the local marshes and scrubs. There is a secret garden with wonderful flowers. It’s like a maze in here. I take my time going round and round. I’m feeling really blissed out then I feel something brush against my left hand – nettles. As second follow second my hand starts stinging. Great!

Now I’ve been having a lot of fun before the nettle incident. I know that Love cannot punish me for experiencing Love. There’s no way I’m going down the path of blaming myself; nor is this incident a manifestation of a thought I’ve had. This sting and its effects represent what is commonly known in metaphysics as “mortal mind.”

Mortal mind is a programming we have as humans, filled with beliefs about health and sickness, aging and death. It is this programming that can produce various symptoms even if you have been going about your business in a state of love. In truth, this programme has no real existence. It is based on beliefs, which are temporal things and forever changing.

As far as my reality is concerned I’m having a lovely walk communing with nature. Nothing else is happening.

I continue my walk. I listen to the birds singing. I watch ducks and swans on the river. I watch cyclists go by. I smile at passers by. All is right in my world.

I check how my hand is doing. My knuckle has turned red and covered with rashes. It is also swollen, but the stinging has ceased. Isn’t it amazing how something that has no real existence (mortal mind) tries to assert its authority? What do you give nothing? Nothing.

The rest of the walk takes about half an hour. When I arrive home I look at my hand. There are no signs of redness, rashes or swelling. They’ve simply vanished.

Healing for me is about not resisting or reacting. It’s about realising that the only reality is Love. And where there is Love there is no need for any healing.

If it wasn’t created by Love it doesn’t exist.

I am Love

Enocia Joseph