Jun 162004

Recently, I had a vision.

I saw myself as this huge dark amorphous form. I saw that as this form I exist in all but my presence cannot be discerned by the physical senses. The words that came to mind were “dark-matter.” I am Dark-Matter. Wow physicists have something here! I thought. From my body emerged tiny specks of light. I focused on a light beam. I realised that each light was a spinning vortex that served as new creations be they planets, universes or whatever. Creation is an ongoing process. My dark form is the source of all. (I was delighted to find a painting on the web that reflected my vision: http://www.bearink.net/art/CosmicBeing.htm)

The vision I had was of Self, that which is the substance of all. Self is Source and forever giving out Unconditional Love/Energy whether we are aware or not. The moment you realise you are Self two things happen:

First, you experience life as if you are the only One having life. Thus when you say “I,” you are actually speaking as the One, the Source of all Life.

Second, you take on the attributes of the One that knows only Goodness: that which is expansive, unlimited good, that gives one freedom, joy, love and peace. You are no longer looking to others or externals for your good because you know that You already have all. You are sufficient.

How does being Source work in practice? Let me first of all say that Source is present in all of us. I’ve written an article comparing God’s omnipresence to a music CD where each fan has the exact replica. For more on this see http://www.powertoshare.com/dropzone/index.php?p=44. The moment you realise you are Source your nature becomes one of giving out what you already are. The sun is an excellent analogy to describe how Source consciousness works. I see myself as the sun and within the sun is all Good. The sun has infinite rays radiating outwards, where each ray represents a particular good. Good can be either a quality such as love or something material. For instance I like raisins, so I have a ray which is delicious raisins whenever I fancy some. Or it could be about giving and receiving excellent service wherever I am, so I have a ray that represents service. In other words, the good I have within me is what gives me, Enocia, absolute joy, that which I love doing and makes my life abundant. We are all unlimited Good.

To have anything, you have to give it away. This is one law that has been taught by many teachers. Giving something away demonstrates you already have it. As Source containing infinite good, you are forever giving away of Self. What you give away doesn’t necessarily have to be in a material form. I, Source, am forever radiating Good to the universe in the form of energy. Whether I give away in material form is neither here nor there. Remember I mentioned earlier that I had a vision of myself as “dark-matter.” Thus you either can see matter or it’s in an invisible form – dark-matter. Matter is also concretised energy; you can either see energy as forms or you can’t. Matter is concretised light; light is either wave (invisible) or particle (visible). So it makes no difference whether your giving is in a tangible form or not; Source is Love.

Whatever makes your life abundant you already have. In order for it to be made manifest in a way that can be experienced in our 3-D reality, you have to give it away; or know that you already are energetically radiating it outward. What happens is that what you give is reflected back to you. It is dead simple.

Ideas are nothing if they are not demonstrated in practice. Here are a few examples.

Two days ago I was queuing up at the post office. It was pretty hot in there. I heard people in the queue complaining about the heat and the incompetent service. I know that excellent service as well as comfort is who I am. I rested in Source and ‘felt’ infinite Good radiating from me. It didn’t stop people complaining and criticising the staff though When I got to the counter the clerk said to me: “Hello beautiful, how are you today?” I received excellent, fast and efficient service that morning.

You probably all know by now that I enjoy my walks. At the end of yesterday’s evening walk I had dark patches on my jeans. Why? Evidence of five friendly dogs I’d met on the way who wanted to jump up at me and play. Naturally friendly dogs are my good.

I’ve been thinking recently that I need more storage space on my Yahoo email account as I have tons of writing in folders. Yesterday, Yahoo announced they have upgraded all users’ storage to 100 mb. This demonstrates email storage as my personal good.

My good is also meeting lovely people. I’m forever smiling at and receiving smiles from passers-by. (Whoever said Londoners were unfriendly?) Yesterday I met this woman I’ve seen a couple of times before. I commented on her beautiful dress. Just as I was about to say goodbye, she said: “I love you!”

The list is endless.

We all have access to Source because we are Source. Knowing Source is like a drop of water merging in with the ocean. When you know yourself to be the Source of all, giving is the only choice one has.

And as you give, you receive.

I am Source

Enocia Joseph