Jun 302004

Yesterday I was sitting in a library when a woman came up to me and said “I’ve just been thinking about you, this is amazing!” I realised I knew her from university. We actually had a brief encounter two years back when we chatted for a while. She was pregnant at the time. She was now pushing her two year old son in a buggy. She asked me whether I could meet up with her later as she thought our meeting was significant. It turns out by the time I had finished what I had to do I had time to chat.

When we met up she said, “I had a thought about you but it wasn’t like I thought of you, you just popped into my head.” Well there had to be a reason for this encounter so I was going to go along for the ride. We got on the bus together. My friend’s baby promptly fell asleep.

My friend and I talked about what we’ve been doing over the past two years. I mentioned to her that I loved writing and I had just written a piece about the different states of Mind. She was finishing off her MA (Masters) degree. During the journey some school boys got on. While we were chatting I was also aware of a commotion brewing. It would appear one of the lads had obstructed the doors and now they weren’t working. The bus driver told everyone to get off the bus. A man sitting in front of us was furious. The lads laughed at him. The man got so mad that he lunged at a lad and was about to throttle him but another passenger stopped him. We got off the bus.

My friend looked at me. “I can’t believe these kids,” she began but I raised my hands to stop her.
“Don’t give this any more energy, it’s not worth it.”
“But aren’t you angry at what just happened?”
“No,” I said. “It’s the madness that’s going round that lets people behave in the way they do. All this hullabaloo is not what people are.”
“You’re really good,” she said. “If you weren’t here I would have shouted at those kids.”
“Look at your son, he’s still fast asleep,” I said. “He’s not even bothered by the commotion. He’s in a space where things just wash over him. I’m in that same space.”

She shook her head in amazement. Another bus turned up but because there were so many passengers we let them get on. Another bus was right behind. There was ample space for the baby’s push-chair. We resumed our conversation.

“You know, I’m always seeing bad stuff happening,” my friend said. “Earlier on just before I saw you, I saw four coppers arresting a black guy. They had him on the ground and it was terrible. Then we saw those boys misbehaving on the bus. Why do these things happen?”
“Is it possible you are expecting ‘bad’ things to happen?” I said. “Why not try expecting wonderful things instead?”
“I remember now,” my friend said. “You said the exact same thing to me two years ago when we met.”

We chatted about our experiences, hers as a mother and what she planned to do after her MA. She grew pensive for a while then she said, “I have a feeling God sent you to tell me to go deeper in my Christian faith. I’ve been a bit on-off over the years. I only recently went back to church.”

I nodded. While I don’t follow any particular religion, I could relate to where she was coming from.

We got off at her bus stop. It turned out to be the same stop for me to wait for my bus into town. We hugged and said goodbye till our next meeting.

Later, on my way home, I took a different bus route as I thought it would be fun to take the scenic route. I figured I would have a bit of a kip. I woke up when we arrived at Camden Town. I realised the bus had broken down. What, two broken down buses on the same day, what’s going on? The driver made several attempts to start the engine but it went dead. Majority of the passengers got off the bus.

I was going nowhere. Besides, this bus was simply another idea in Mind. The idea was to stay on and let the bus get me to my destination. I saw myself already where I wanted to be. I relaxed and waited for the journey to continue. It was lovely to now have a window seat. I looked down at passengers waiting outside. A man at the bus stop caught my attention. He motioned for me to get off the bus; I motioned to him to get back on, but he shook his head. OK idea passing off as driver, jump to it, jump to it! The driver tried the ignition and the engine came back to life. Passengers scrambled back on. We were on our way. While the bus was moving perfectly I could hear the back doors opening and shutting throughout the journey. Oh well, how does that saying go again? “Half a bus is better than none at all.”

So another joy filled day serving as a reminder that life is a journey in Mind; a journey to nowhere as I’m already there. Hmmm!

I am Here,
Enocia Joseph

  2 Responses to “More Journeys in Mind”

  1. Dear Enocia, You are here in mind and body, but there is a place your soul and spirit will be traveling one day. That is, your inner man. When you go to meet your maker from whence you came.God did give us a great mind to learn to deal with situations here on earth, but this realm will, one day pass. Just be prepared. I did enjoy your articles. Use such a fantastic mind for God’s glory.
    In Him,

  2. Hello Nita. You wrote: “You are here in mind and body, but there is a place your soul and spirit will be traveling one day.” There is no place but right here. I’m already there Nita. There’s nowhere else to go. There’s no future place but Now. This “inner man” you speak about is here Now. So there’s nothing else for me to prepare for.

    Thanks for your comments. Love Enocia :-)