Jun 232004

Consciousness is all there is.

There is only the One Consciousness appearing which is unchanging, eternal and all Good. When Consciousness is appearing as a state, it is in constant flux. In truth, only Consciousness that is eternal and unchanging is Real; Consciousness that is in flux is illusory in nature. Let me clarify what I mean. Consciousness is appearing as earth, water, fire, and air. When fire is experienced as Consciousness that is all Good, unchanging spirit, one can walk through fire without getting injured. On the other hand, if one is experiencing fire as a state of consciousness i.e judgment, fire is harmful and one can get burnt.

Take another example, water. Water is forever water, yet man has judged water to be good and bad, thus He expects good water that comes from springs, and bad water that is man-made. I for one can drink all types of water, from bottled water to water in public toilets, and it’s all good. When you expect things to be good and bad, you experience good and bad.

What is the origin of states of Consciousness? From man, mortal man, who perceives reality as good and evil. This mental state of consciousness is also known as ego, mortal mind, carnal mind or race mind (henceforth, referred to in this article as mortal mind). The human ruled by mortal mind is forever at war with himself and others. He even regards his own body as both good and evil. Why do you think we excrete sweat, urine, faeces etc? Because we regard what we eat to be good and bad; thus good is retained and bad is eliminated in one way or another.

Mortal mind affects the way nature unfolds. You can witness the impact of change in seasons on vegetation; the effect of prana (life force) on plants; or the way trees lose their leaves in autumn etc. All these changes are reflections of states of consciousness/mortal mind. My mother is always lamenting how pigeons in London walk everywhere. “Why don’t they fly anymore?” Yesterday she saw a pigeon waiting at the traffic light. The bird waited till the light was red and walked like a pedestrian across the road. This is a worse case (but hilarious) scenario of how mortal mind can effect nature; or maybe the pigeon simply wanted to be a pedestrian for the day. :-)

In a reality under the total influence of Consciousness that is unchanging and all Good, there is no change in climate. Trees are abundant all year round and they constantly produce fruits; and where a fruit is plucked, the fruit is automatically replaced. There are no roses with thorns or plants that need to grow spines to protect themselves. In the book Autobiography of a Yogi, the author Yogananda meets the horticulturalist Luther Burbank. Burbank demonstrates how Love can create a new species: “The secret of improved plant breeding, apart from scientific knowledge, is love. While I was conducting experiments to make spineless cacti, I often talked to the plants to create a vibration of love. ‘You have nothing to fear, I would tell them.’ You don’t need your defensive thorns. I will protect you” Gradually the useful plant of the desert emerged in a thornless variety.” (From Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda).

Alas, right now what we see passing off as nature are mere counterfeits of Reality. The good news is nature is a lot more resilient to the ever changing beliefs within mortal mind. This is why trees outlast mortals by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. If nature was completely under the influence of mortals, plants will be extinct. 😉

Humans seek love, peace and goodness in the world. They go to war to achieve peace. Why do you think there isn’t lasting peace in the world? Because mankind is ruled by mortal mind that knows good and evil. How do you expect to have peace in the world when you regard yourself and the other to be both good and evil? To achieve perfection/peace/love man must recognise that His nature is not good and evil but all Good. Man is innately good. Man is Love in manifestation.

But this is impossible, you say. What about the disasters and sickness and lack and limitation that is rife in the world. Who created them? Certainly not God who is all Good! Mortals created them out of the belief that He is both good and evil. The metaphysicians would say that sickness, for instance, is unreal but if you don’t understand where they are coming from, you might think they are talking nonsense. How can pain be unreal? What they mean is what Perfection did not create does not exist. Perfection knows only good. Anything else is an illusion.

Here’s an example of how illusion can appear very real.

Recently I watched a programme on Channel 4 called Derren Brown Mind Control. Brown is a Master hypnotist who uses “a mixture of applied psychology, magic, misdirection and showmanship” to entertain his viewers. (http://www.derrenbrown.co.uk/home.asp) On this particular programme, he brought a group of people together in a house where some students used to live. These students apparently took part in a mass suicide where only one survived. Brown also invited viewers to take part and report their reactions, if any, by phoning a particular number.

At the start, a woman participant is sent out of the room to another part of the building. She’s asked to go into a room she is drawn to. He gives the rest of the participants (and the viewers) an exercise where they are to look at photographs of the diseased students and choose a photo. Each photo has a number written at the back of it.

After the participants have made a mental note of a photograph, Brown selects a few of them to take part in a ouija board experiment. A ouija board is defined as “a board with the alphabet on it; used with a planchette to spell out supernatural messages” commonly used by mediums/spiritualists in séances. (http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=ouija) Brown’s intention is to discover whether there is a spirit of one of the ‘deceased students’ present. The participants’ hands are ‘guided’ by a force that spells the name of a diseased student, whose photograph turns out to be the same one majority of the participants had selected earlier.

Next, Brown invites everyone to join in a séance. He nominates one woman to act as a medium. It is hoped that the séance will invoke the spirit of the student to communicate with them. They sit around a table with their hands linked. The room is in complete darkness. There is a glass in the middle of the table. The medium makes contact with the spirit; she believes she is speaking as the spirit of the deceased. Suddenly the glass moves, supposedly by the ‘diseased spirit,’ which freaks out everyone in the group, except Brown of course. Great stuff!

At the end of the séance Brown admits he had decided beforehand whom he wanted the group to connect with. It turns out that the other participant he sent out earlier had been drawn to a particular room. The room number is the same as the one at the back of the photograph whom the majority had selected. She had been sitting in the ‘deceased’ student’s former bedroom. Brown admits further that he made up the story about the suicide. The programme ends with Brown going out to fetch the ‘deceased student’, who is very much alive and has been waiting outside while the séance was taking place. We never get to see the participants’ reactions when the ‘deceased’ walks in but I can imagine it must have been a right scream. :-)

Brown had ostensibly set this programme up to challenge the notion of spiritualism. For me, this programme was an excellent demonstration of how mortal mind creates illusions. Majority of the participants picked up on Brown’s intention thus forming a group consciousness. This group consciousness (a) influenced the ouija board to spell the woman’s name; (b) moved the glass during the séance; ( c) influenced the other participant to pick the room with the same number as the ‘deceased’s’ photograph. As far as the participants were concerned, what they were experiencing was real. They believed that some force had been in the room that had powers to move objects telekinetically. What they didn’t realise was it was their collective intent that had created the scene. It was all make believe. The woman they thought dead had been with them in thought if not in spirit. :-)

In the same way, illnesses are illusions created by collective belief. If you buy into a particular belief you end up creating it, not by yourself but by the power of the collective/mortal mind beliefs in good/evil. Recently I was stung by nettles. At first I had a serious allergic reaction: redness, a rash, itchiness and pain, all manifestations of mortal mind. I reversed the effects by knowing that only good exists and that mortal mind wasn’t real. The allergic reactions vanished.

The only way perfection can be achieved is by the Perfect Mind, a Super-mind if you like, that is all good. And this perfect Mind ends up inspiring man to be what He innately is. It’s no use trying to change the outer i.e. other humans, society, environment. It won’t work, it hasn’t worked before nor will it work now. To achieve peace or heaven on earth, one has to realise that one is good. One has to realise that in truth there is no mortal mind, it is an illusion; or as real as a movie and should be treated as such: pure escapism. Consciousness that is all good, the Super-Mind, is the only Real. It is only when one is at one with this Mind that perfection can be achieved.

As man wakes up to His true nature He is inspired to live a different life. He may even change jobs. Remember that the belief that man is both good and evil has given rise to jobs within medicine (all forms of therapies), psychotherapy, the law, cosmetic industry, the media, the arts, social services, etc. If the truth be told all jobs in this realm are Mickey Mouse jobs. Even those who claim to remind others of who they are only have a job because of man’s ignorance. “What’s a girl to do for eternity? Oh I know, how about experiencing life on earth and helping to wake people up from their ‘sleep?’” :-) When people realise their true nature, they will move away from jobs based on illusion to create lives that are about living as Self and expressing Self. A dear friend told me about a man who was diagnosed as having a detached retina, leading to blindness. He didn’t accept blindness as his lot and turned to Christian Science. He regained his sight and returned to his optician for more tests. His optician discovered that his former patient still had a detached retina. How does an optician react to a miracle that challenges his world view? He can either pass it off as an anomaly; or see the light and realise its time to wake up to Reality. The optician left his job and became a Christian Science practitioner.

How does one become one with this Super-mind and realise one’s true nature when you’re constantly bombarded with lies and more lies? I find it easier to work from within, knowing the truth that I am Goodness. Goodness does the work. Goodness challenges me to know the truth of Self. Goodness reminds me that my body is all good; that what I eat is all good. I hear only good; see only good and speak only good. While people around me are still going on about doom and gloom, I don’t get drawn into it. I simply rest in knowledge of Self. Since there is only one Mind, I know that what is true for me affects the whole. As my consciousness is lifted the whole of humanity follows. So there is no need to try to change others. Know who you are within and the rest will follow.

Of course there will be many who will choose to stay in the dream and continue to experience life and death; destruction and decay; lies and more lies. No one can hide from Truth. Man’s destiny is _expression of His true Self as a Superbeing with Superpowers. This is when humans stop being mortals and become immortals. They may look the same and walk the same but you will notice something different about them. The other day I saw a friend from college. She said I looked like a teenager, younger than when we were at college. I never could believe in aging.

I know that the time is coming when humans in all realities will live in peace and harmony and be at one with nature, when the lion will sleep with the sheep, when heaven and earth will become one.

That time is Now.

I am Goodness
Enocia Joseph