Jun 282004

Every day I’m being reminded that all is Mind. I am sitting on a gold mine. It takes being aware, super-conscious, in order that one can truly inherit the “Kingdom.” I am remembering that God-consciousness is knowing that God is Mind, Mind being another synonym for God that is all Good. Thus I do not have God mind or my mind, there is only Mind. All is Mind. Prove it, I say! Prove it!

Actually I’ve found that Mind wants me to prove things. Awareness means nothing if it’s not applicable in every day experiences. Here’s an example.

I’ve been deliberately making long journeys by buses and using the time to meditate, contemplate and testing Mind. The other day I was in Hammersmith in west London, approximately 10 miles away from where I live. This means I need 4 buses to get home. I intended to arrive home at a particular time and it was getting late. My first bus, no. 10, wasn’t there. I mentally calculated how long it would take me and I figured I was going to arrive home really late. I was frustrated that the bus wasn’t there. Suddenly the bus 10 arrived but it had in front of it: “Not in Service.” It left the station. Ten minutes later another bus 10 arrived and it also had “Not in Service” and it too left the station. By then I was getting really pissed off. A third bus 10 arrived and it had “Not in Service,” and left the station.

I had the thought that Mind knows nothing of time. Time was my first temptation that evening. In my mind’s eye I saw the four buses I needed that evening lined up one after the other. I knew that at each station the right bus would arrive and it was already done. I disconnected from the thought. While I waited for the bus 10, I heard passengers complaining about the appalling service. I realised that the moment you fret over something, you’re drawn into time along with other minds fretting about one thing or another. And whatever you are fretful about you end up creating i.e. delays. I retreated into Inner Silence. Another bus 10 arrived and it had “Not in Service.” But then the driver changed it to “Kings Cross.” I got on the bus.

Temptation number 2 arrived while I was on the bus. At some point in the journey, bus 10 shares a route with my second bus, no. 73. This means I could get off the bus and wait for the next bus or keep looking back to see whether 73 is anywhere near. But I didn’t heed that temptation. I planned to go all the way to Euston and wait for the 73 there and didn’t care what was going ahead or behind me. It was a reminder to myself to stay in the present no matter what. I relaxed in Silence.

We arrived at Euston and I got off the bus 10. Seconds later bus 73 arrived. I was about to retreat into Inner Silence but my attention was drawn to a baby on a buggy. His dad was busy rolling up a cigarette joint while the baby sat peacefully in his buggy. At their bus stop the man got out pushing the buggy ahead of him. The baby looked at his dad with such trust in his eyes. I had the thought that this is the kind of trust one should have in Mind.

I got off the bus 73 and waited for a few minutes and there was my third bus. It took me to another station and as soon as I had alighted my fourth bus turned up. Everything went perfectly.

The next day I tested this principle of complete trust in Mind on my travels and everything went perfectly. It was also chucking it down with rain. When I lined up the buses I wanted in my thoughts, I also saw that at the end of the journey it would be completely dry. The sun came out as soon as I got off the last bus.

Now the bus journey is reminding me that All is Mind. Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing in Mind. As I’m typing this I am Mind, sitting in Mind stuff, playing with Mind stuff, staring at Mind stuff and producing Mind stuff. I am both the thinker and the thoughts. Everything in the world is Mind stuff. The empty spaces are Mind stuff. So while I’m waiting I’m never waiting but being Mind. It also means that at every moment I’m in the presence of all Good. Why wait for anything when what you are ‘waiting’ for is already where you are? Waiting is an opportunity to practise being Myself, Mind. I like to see waiting in Mind like being on the seashore where the waves are coming in and out. Every moment Mind is drifting in and out.

Everything is Mind visible or invisible. Things are like thoughts, one minute you are sitting in silence then they appear. In the same way you could be walking down a road, one minute the road is clear then cars arrive out of nowhere. They are mind stuff coming out of Mind.

I have such utter trust in Mind that I know that whenever there is a need it has to be fulfilled because all is Mind. You see I might have gone to a particular station to catch a bus but in truth, buses don’t come from bus stations, they come from Mind. Food do not come from plants, animals, farms or supermarkets but from Mind. Money doesn’t come from the bank, your employer or trees, but from Mind. Clothes do not come from designers, manufacturers or shops but from Mind. Thus things can manifest at any moment from Mind stuff because Mind stuff is all there is. Since I am one with Mind, everything comes from me, Mind.

It takes complete faith and trust like a baby trusts his parents and all is yours. There’s no need to ever worry about a thing. I already have the Kingdom because I am Mind. Mind takes care of all needs at all levels; in truth there are no levels but Mind.

Don’t just take my word for it, test it and you will see you too already have it all.

I am Mind
Enocia Joseph

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  1. I would like to hear more from this author, she is a goddes

  2. Wow, I’ve been called many things but never a goddess. Hahaha! Thank you “I Love It”!

    You could keep up to date with my latest musings at Being the Magic – Part 2

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