Jun 102004

I’m on the bus on the way into town. I’m practising seeing energetically. Whenever I look at anyone or thing, I ‘see’ energy flowing through my eyes. There’s a man sitting in front of me. I’m staring at the back of his neck. The man shifts slightly then he scratches his neck.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced this when you sense someone is staring at you from behind and you react in different ways. As far as I was concerned I was simply looking. There was no intent behind the energy coming from me yet he reacted by scratching. Is it possible it was his senses trying to interpret the energy I was sending him?

We are constantly being bombarded by energies penetrating through all, in every direction. I see the universe as a light grid. I love the way this Grid is represented in the painting “Universal Mind Lattice,” by the artist Alex Grey. (Alex Grey – see under paintings, Sacred Mirror and “Universal Mind Lattice.”)

How do people react when they ‘feel’ these energies? Some do a search in the universal database and draw conclusions based on past experiences? Others ask the database to cross-reference relevant information and then arrive at a conclusion. While there are those who suspend judgment and ask for the search to continue and for the right answer to be made manifest in due course? What about the rest who don’t even register these energies are present? Pass!

My point is that although we already have all knowledge within us, they exist at the unconscious level. If you reach a conclusion based only on what you consciously know you are excluding tons of data. This is what the physical senses do. If you channel energy to someone and she doesn’t have a point of reference, the senses act as receptors and are likely to draw conclusions based on 3-D reality. When I studied energy healing, students were forever trying to identify what the energy felt like: warm, cool, tingling, hot, electric etc. Even patients expected to feel some sort of heat as if heat was proof they were receiving energy. What difference does it make? If you stick labels on an experience, aren’t you precluding other ways of being?

I’m wondering how many times we have interpreted the flow of Energy as a physical sensation. I’ve written elsewhere that I hear ringing in my ears. Say I was to go to a doctor, I’m probably going to be diagnosed as having Tinnitus. I know I’m hearing God’s voice in the form of a very high frequency, that’s why I won’t be going to the doctor anytime soon. No offence!

What about pain? What is pain? I can only describe how I experience pain. It feels like fire, burning sensations. Sometimes they are intense and other times pain feels like a tingling sensation. What if pain/heat is not it at all but the Energy moving through me but it is the way I am interpreting it that makes it feel like a burning sensation? Is it also possible that pain is a defence against this Energy; that one is resisting the Energy? Hmmm!

Years ago while I was half-asleep, I had an experience of intense heat around and going through me. I didn’t know what to make of it. My initial reaction was I was being burnt alive by some kind of fire. The fire had a sound and moved at tremendous speed. I relaxed and let the heat pass through. A few months later I had the same experience. Since I knew what to expect, I relaxed and let it pass through. Years later I discovered that what I had experienced was the awakening of the Kundalini Energy within.

Recently, I saw a documentary about Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC). It’s a phenomenon which when it occurs can end up reducing the victim’s body to cinders. This mysterious fire has baffled many experts. There was a particular expert who grabbed my attention as he seemed to be open to explanations outside the realm of conventional science. I knew without a doubt that I had experienced SHC and survived, so I emailed this scientist describing my experience. Larry Arnold has written a book called “Ablaze” about the SHC phenomenon. A chapter in his book about Kundalini, as another way SHC can occur, can be found in the following URL. Uri Geller

While I can’t say I’ve had side-effects from experiencing Kundalini awakening, I’ve been having intermittent pain in my body for years. I’ve tried everything and they’ve only provided temporary relief. When I learned that the fire experience had a name, for a short time I tried following a meditation practice called Kundalini Yoga. We were warned how dangerous it was to activate this energy. Oops, too late! We were also warned about the various side-effects of this energy, a list as long as my arm; persistent pain was one of them. While I appreciate these symptoms can be felt from a human perspective I also know that whatever ‘ills’ mankind is experiencing there is only one solution: Only One exists and it is Love. The One is independent of beliefs, thoughts or interpretation.

I know I have experienced the Inner Fire, whether humans call it Kundalini, Shakti or whatever. I’ve come to understand that the reason why I survived it was because I was used to experiencing myself as the Energetic Body. I had been leaving the physical body prior to this episode, going on walkabouts aka astral projection. On many occasions, I have experienced myself as the Light within when I have lost all sense of having a personality or separation, and knowing that everything is. When I felt the heat of the inner fire my initial reaction was fear. Then I dismissed it as another one of my other-worldly experiences. I have come to realise that the Fire is my real Self.

“This Individual Presence, the real you, is a glorious, living, self-conscious, omnipotent, creative Being, full of Love, Joy and Boundless Optimism about your future together. It uses a body in appearance much like your own physical body, only composed of Sacred Fire, vibrating far outside the range of your physical senses.” The Temple of the Presence

As I pondered on this topic I had an idea. Imagine putting your finger into a flame, what do you think is going to happen? You’re going to get burnt. How do you prevent yourself getting burnt? You might (a) convince yourself that the fire is not really there; (b) convince yourself that fire is not hot but cold; (c) pretend you are made of the same elements as fire. What if you took the third option to be true, that you are Fire? What would happen when you, a tongue of fire, enter an inferno? Nothing. I would imagine you wouldn’t feel any sensation. It might even be a blissful experience.

What if I were to only think of myself from now on as the Sacred Fire? I already know myself as Spirit, that I can hear Self as the inner sound. It would seem that the Sacred Fire is the substance of who I am. It doesn’t mean that the Fire has to hurt, pain could very well be how humans interpret anything that looks like fire. Whether it has sensation or not is neither here nor there. All I know is that I am that Fire; metaphorically speaking of course, not wishing to put a label on Spirit of course.

While I was pondering on this essay I was experiencing pain all over my body again as intense heat. I decided I would take a break and focus on my Inner Body. When I am in Stillness, not necessarily always meditating, I usually feel my Inner Body, the real Me, as buoyant; I feel myself swaying back and forth. Here I am trying to pin down who I am, but my real Self is very tangible yet without a physicality or spatial dimension. As I felt my Inner Body more and more I felt the sensation of pain melt away, as if the Inner Self was taking over.

It would seem that the ‘journey’ to Self-awareness is trusting in Self; that there is no other reality but Self, no matter what appearances suggest. The ‘journey’ is about suspending all judgments and resting in inner wisdom. I use meditation as a tool only to reveal my real Self. I have discovered: that I am a fiery energetic force; I have a frequency that sounds like ringing in one’s ears that can dissolve all thoughts; there is only the one “I” in all; though I have a tangible form, I have no size, weight or height; I can feel as if I’m floating in space; time and space have no meaning, like someone speaking gobbledygook; I exist.

Hmmm! I wonder whether I’m reading too much into everything?

I got you going, didn’t I folks? This article is just another interpretation of reality!

I am the Sacred Fire.

Enocia Joseph