Jun 092004

Have you ever read a book and interpreted it in one way? You speak to someone else who has read the same book and he gives you a different interpretation based on his world view. You might go back to the book and actually see where he’s coming from. As you experience life or your beliefs change, you get new insights into the same book. There are times when the hidden meaning behind the text jumps out at you.

In the same way, the universe has been revealing its inner nature to me. She has been showing me that forms are mirror images of my true nature. I have to say it’s such fun seeing what I really look like in the Cosmic Mirror. I would love to share with you a recent revelation that reminds me of my eternal qualities.

As you probably know by now, I’m always going for walks. Anyone would think I did nothing but go for walks, but this is how I get many of my inspirations.

I’m about to jay-walk a busy road, as you do. The cars stop at a traffic light. Though there appear to be many drivers in cars of various shapes, colours, and sizes, there is only the One Driver. It is the One Intelligence behind the movements of each car. It is the One reaching out for the Break and Accelerator pedals. I am Intelligence.

Behind the system that controls the local traffic light is also the One Mind. Each light is like a conductor of a small orchestra; while there is the One Big Conductor of all traffics. I observe pedestrians given their opportunity to cross over. Other cars on other roads are given right of way. Where would motorists be without traffic lights? Utter chaos! I am Order.

As I continue walking I observe that although people seem to have their own unique walking styles, we all basically follow a similar pattern. At least all humans do. It’s as if there’s this One puppeteer guiding us along and keeping us upright. (Some of us believe we are in control and doing our own thing.) At the fundamental level there is only the One moving through all. It is the One that is living through us. I am Life.

I’m walking by the canal. I love it here. I feel the sun’s rays on me. What message have you got for me? That’s an easy one. The sun is always shining, day or night, whether we are aware of it or not. It doesn’t discriminate, it shines on all. Thank you sun. I am Unconditional Love.

A sudden gust of wind whips my right cheek. That was a bit harsh, wasn’t it? I know you, I say. You are here one minute and somewhere else the next. You are boundless. Thank you wind for reminding me that I am Freedom.

I look up at the blue sky. It looks so vast. It seems endless, infinite. The pale blue sky is so tranquil. The tiny clouds in contrast seem so innocent and pure. I love looking at the sky. I am Infinity; I am Serenity; I am Purity.

My attention is drawn to the many varieties of plants. They are so lush. I used to live near an apple tree. As soon as the apples were ripe, the tree would let go of its apples without conditions. It never cared whether the apples were eaten or left to rot. It gave of itself freely knowing that there was a lot more to come. Trees and plants remind me that I am Abundance; I am Generosity; I am Faith.

And what about the beautiful flowers? They look so meek. Without flowers the world will look pretty one-dimensional. Thank you flowers for being here. I am Beauty.

Reluctantly my eyes are drawn to the weeds around. There always seem to be more grass than anything else. What do you represent oh scourge of the earth? Man is constantly devising new methods to contain weeds: we cut them, we kill them, we burn them yet they’re back in full force. Aha! Like God you can’t pin a label on Him. You cannot define God. The moment you put a label on God you’re limiting God. Wonders of wonders! Weeds are a reminder that I am Unconditioned. (I will forever be in awe of weeds; maybe not.) (smile)

A swan on the river is busy preening itself. The river is ever so still. It’s as if it’s challenging me to be anything but still. I rest awhile and stare at nature’s reflection on the water’s surface. What can I say? Nuff said. I am Stillness.

I observe bees darting in and out of flowers. They don’t seem to care whether one flower has more nectar than the other. They simply know where to go. They seem to be enjoying what they are doing, being in the moment. I am Wisdom; I am Presence.

As I continue my walk a swarm of insects fly in my face. Don’t you insects realise that with one swipe it will be the end of life as you know it? Don’t tell me – you are here to remind me, right? I am Boldness.

I am walking on a path that has lots of tiny pebbles. Of course without the earth’s foundation I would be flying. Hmmm! Flying! Now that sounds a lot more fun than walking! Anyway what does the earth represent? Security and foundation. This path is an excellent reminder that I am Trust; I am Truth.

I come across many boats mooring on the canal. I so love the way they move, as if they have all the time in the world, which they do. Bliss! I am Peace.

Everywhere around me I can hear birds singing. They seem to be saying “Me too. We want to be in your game!” I hear you. They sing in synchrony though if one listens intently the sounds are different; yet they form one big whole. Reminds me of when I was a young chorister. I was in the section that sang descants. It was lovely to hear how all our voices came together. G’day to you birds! I am Harmony; I am Wholeness.

I am about to walk past some people sitting on a bench. We exchange smiles. They have a big over-zealous black dog. He’s barking at me and making a great show of looking fierce. Yet his tail is wagging madly. I playfully mimic his barks, which makes him even more excited. I can see right through his charade. He wants to jump up at me but he’s on a lead. What playful nature dogs have! I am Friendship; I am Joy; I am Fun.

I am reflecting on the many qualities that have been brought to my attention. The sum total of all is Love. I am Love. I rest under a tree and sink into Silence for some time.

It’s now time to go home. I suddenly have a thought that is not to my liking but I know I can’t avoid thinking it. How long have I been walking? I check my little emergency time piece. Two hours! I’ve been gone for two hours! A quick calculation, 2 x 4, carry 5, (smile) means it’s going to take me at least one and half hours to get back.

Wind, Freedom that I Am, I need your help. Will you please fly me home?

No response.

What kind of divine-quality is walking aimlessly for miles and losing track of time?

I hear laughter from the inner voice. “Enocia,” the voice is saying. “Don’t you know this by now? There is no time!”

Thanks for reminding me. I Am Eternity.

And it’s going to take me eternity to get home. Great, just blooming marvellous!

I Am All There Is.

Enocia Joseph