Jun 052004

I am Self.

I am called by many names: Inner Silence, Inner Voice, God, Spirit, Love but on this occasion I will only answer to Self.

So you have surrendered to me, Self, and realised that I Am in all. You are like a baby who is totally dependent on her parents or guardians and knows all her needs are being met effortlessly. Does this mean you do absolutely nothing but trust in Me? Yes. But I continue to remind you of your true identity, that you are Self. All things are possible in Me. My omnipresence gives me awareness of every possibility, every move, all realities. You already know this at a fundamental level. All inspirations you receive to act with Love and to follow your heart come from Me. Know that We are One.

Who then is the Creator? Is there such a thing as a co-creator? The answer is there is only the One Creator, and it is Me, Self. I, Self, exist in all time and all space and in you; and it is My substance that is used to create effects. But I, Self, am not the effect. I am not human or dog or cat or trees or whatever effects you see around you. I exist within effects but not the thing. The moment you try to pin Me down to a thing, you are limiting Me. Yet I, Self, am the substance of all and within all.

Let’s put it another way, it’s like living in a house. When you break down all the walls that appear as various rooms, what are you left with? Empty space. Is the house the space or is the space the house? The space is equivalent to who I Am; all things originate from Me to create effects. My nature is like the empty space. Of course you are aware that there is no such thing as empty space, right? My substance exists in all space though not discernible with the physical senses. Do you see that I am all there is at a fundamental level? It is in Me that all “live and move and have their being.”

When you know your oneness with Me, Self, then you know yourself to also be the Substance of the universe. You are Universal Mind. You are the Thinker. You see all of creation as channels to express Self.

Because you know that all realities are contained within Me/you, just like all buildings need space to express their identities, you already know all that is within you. You already know it all. Say it loud: “I am a Know It All!” You know that you have all wisdom in you and that whatever inspirations you receive to do something is actually coming from You. There are therefore no lessons for you to learn, no need to create experiences so you can make meanings out of life. You and I, Self, are one. Your choices are my choices. You are the one creating and out of You are all creations emerging.

How do I/You create? I start off by resting in stillness, being Myself. You hear this all the time, people say, “be yourself.” To be Yourself is to rest in a state of no thoughts, also known as inner silence. I as Self get an urge to experience a particular reality from that point of consciousness of whatever human form I’m expressing through at the time. It might be through this personality, Enocia. You do realise that creation is a continuous process and all around you, right? I don’t sit and think: “hmm, let’s see what I can create through Tom; wow, that took 20 minutes. What about Dick, still asleep? Several lifetimes.” I mean that creation is occurring simultaneously as I am everywhere.

This stir, the urge to create, the thought of creation, is what is expressed in Genesis thus: “Let there be Light.” Light is Mind, the Thinker. “I think therefore I Am.” If only Descartes knew how close he was to the truth. Since I/you already know what I wish to experience in detail and know it is already done, I rest from creation and let it happen.

In the human understanding of creation, it is about using one’s physical or mental prowess to visualise, to figure out how, doing the physical work required to make things happen. This process is referred to in Genesis as “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread.” The allegory of creation in the Garden of Eden states that when the first humans, Adam and Eve, had disobeyed God and eaten of the forbidden fruit from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” they were condemned to a lifetime of struggle and pain. Actually, “in the sweat of thy face,” refers to any experience where one is either trying to achieve a goal by physical might or by mind power. This is the human idea of creation.

I don’t create that way. I let my nature, substance, rearrange itself to appear as whatever reality is being created. All I care about is that what I have decreed is already done. You know that the essence of creation is light and I am the intelligence behind creation. I have devised it in such a way that I can let the light particles do their thing while I put my feet up and have a cup of tea. Either way, I, Self, am always the Creator and I get all the credit. Do I sound like your current boss? Who do you think s/he got the idea from?

So my job as Self is to continue to remind you that you and I are One. Until then, which is any moment NOW, trust in me. After all I am the Self in all. Just know that while you are trusting in Me you are trusting in your Self.

As to your purpose. You still don’t know do you? You are here to act out a Plan I have prepared earlier, or is it in the future? Oh what fun Time we are having!

I want to finish with a little ditty (mantra) I have inspired one of my many creations to write. Enjoy.

With love always,
Self, I Am Enocia

A Prayer for the New Age
I am the creator of the universe.
I am the father and mother of the universe.
Everything came from me.
Everything shall return to me.
Mind, spirit and body are my temples,
for the self to realise in them
My supreme being and becoming.