Jul 192004

All my problems are the result of taking one tiny mad idea seriously: that I could be separate from God – the only reality.

This thought of separation gave rise to the illusion of the ego, which seems to have a mind of its own, but it’s only a tiny part of the mind, filled with fear and guilt for having ‘sinned’ against God Almighty.

Being one with God makes it impossible to sin. One cannot sin against oneself. Nevertheless with the rise of the ego the illusions of sin, guilt and fear were born, and all the other varieties of suffering.

To escape from its terrible fear the ego projects its fearful ideas immediately outward, thereby becoming unconscious of its own state of mind.

This projection makes a universe appear, including a world with all the different bodies that seem to live and die in it.

To top it off, the all-powerful, all-encompassing child of God that I am, now identifies itself with a tiny body in this little cosmic dream.

To keep me trapped in the illusion that I am a body the ego comes up with an endless supply of problems.

Problems can only be experienced by a mind making judgments based on the ego’s thought system.

Every judgment makes the separation from God seem real and reinforces the prison walls of egoist thought.

Making judgments has become a habit – a habit of fear.

But habits are of the mind and every mind can be changed.

To make a real change I have to choose the thought system of Love – which is the Holy Spirit’s, and which is also me in my right mind.

The choice to see with my right mind is expressed through forgiveness.

Practicing true forgiveness is the only way to undo the old habit of making judgments, and to experience love instead of fear.

When forgiveness has become my automatic reaction to whatever the ego throws at me, my problems are over.

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  • A Course in Miracles (ISBN 0-9606388-8-1). More information about this wonderful book for self-study can be found at the website: http://www.acim.org/
  • Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe : Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness.
  • The book by Gary Renard is a great help in understanding the teaching of A Course in Miracles.
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