Jul 202004

It’s Summer in the UK as in many parts of the world. It’s meant to be hot but it’s been quite cool over the last few weeks. I’ve been wearing cardigans; it was only a week ago when I tentatively put away my fleece jacket. Today feels really warm.

I was just travelling by bus just now and was sitting on the top deck. It felt really hot. They still have the heating on which makes it worse. Is it getting hotter or is it my perception that makes it feel hot?

To be honest, I’m playing with you all. I’m actually straddling two realities. When I’m not consciously in Silence I feel the change in temperature; but when I’m in Silence nothing changes. It was interesting to note that a couple of days ago I felt nothing though people around me on the bus were complaining how hot and sticky it was. But I still felt a faint thud in my left temple. When I came out of Silence I realised I had a headache. The headache signified I’d been sitting in direct sunlight therefore this was how my body was reacting to direct sunlight, headache. I knew this to be false memory syndrome so I retreated into Silence and soon the headache vanished.

I believe one experiences the passage of time if one thinks time passes. If there is no passage of time there is no night and day, change in the season, nothing going on. It appears to be day and night and that there is a change in the season but, in my view, they are illusions, special effects.

So just now on the bus when it was supposed to be quite hot, I was sitting in the sun again. I knew that the light of the sun is not really happening. I knew that as Spirit only Spirit is happening, which is unchanging? I rested in the truth that Reality is always the same -nothing changes though it appears as if it’s a hot day. It’s difficult to find words to describe a state that is neither hot nor cold, no feeling, it just is. I felt nothing.

How far can I take this illusion of temperature? Surely if I’m going to prepare a meal I need heat in order to prepare the meal? To experience food one has to experience the illusion of cooking doesn’t one, playing the game? You put on the cooker, electric or gas, and you observe the heat transmuting the ingredients from one state into another. Since there is no real heat as in Reality there is no temperature, food preparation has to be another illusion, a nothing passing off as something. Cooking reminds me of when I used to play with my toys, as a child, and pretend I was cooking for my make-believe husband and kids. Nothing’s changed there then.

Do I eat? Sure I eat. But I know that food is nothing and it is the mental programme that makes me enjoy it. As Cypher says in the movie, The Matrix, when he asks to be put back into the Matrix:

“You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.”

Yup, I can relate to what Cypher is saying.

Amazing how one illusion can lead to another and another!

As I’m writing this I can hear another illusion taking place, rain. Just as well I’m in this illusion of a building that is not really here, protecting me from the rain that is not really happening. Ay up, the illusory rain has now stopped.

Wonders of wonders!


All my love to you all. Then again how do I know you’re really there.

Hello? Is anybody there?

Enocia Joseph