Jul 202004

“Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” (Paul, 1 Corinthians 6;2)

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

So there’s no time, right? How does this apply to my life? I am a practical type of person. If there is no time how come I experience the passage of time? Day and night, weeks and months and seasons and years?

You do not experience any passage of time, you just think you do?

How so? I wake up every morning to a new day don’t I?

Wrong, you wake up everyday to another day, which is the same as yesterday and the same as tomorrow. Put it this way, reality is like a flower where each layer of petal represents another day and so on. Imagine that it is an infinite flower with infinite petals. Each day is another level but it doesn’t mean the day is unfolding in a linear way, from lower to higher. It is simply another day that is filled with wonder.

But, how come each day feels new, different? I swear sometimes I look as if I’m older than the day before.

Because you’re dreaming it is different, that the day is older just because you have a calendar that is counting forward. You have given life to time.


You heard me, you’ve made time come alive. Time was created for man’s use, for convenience sake. Let’s look at it another way, take this computer you’re working on. It’s a tool for your use and it can only do what you have programmed it to do. What if you started to make it so real that the computer starts telling you what to do? You think it’s a ridiculous suggestion, right?


In the same way this is what you have done with time, make it come to life by believing it actually exists for real. Just because you’ve created time so you can measure the passage of time doesn’t mean time actually passes. If you think time passes then your reality will be influenced by that passage of time and you will appear to age and eventually die. When you see through the illusion of time and know that each day is the same as the next and the next nothing will change. You will cease to experience passage of time aka aging.

OK I get you. Can you talk a little bit about omniscience, which means I am all knowing. What does it mean from a practical perspective.

It means you exist everywhere, in consciousness obviously, not as your physical form. This consciousness of omnipresence usurps the consciousness of time which is a fabrication. This means that you effectively know what is going on in every ‘space’ because you are already there. Remember the 911 attack in America when the world watched events unfold?

Yes I remember. I was working at a solicitor’s at the time and I remember we watched the events on television. I remember thinking how weird it was that we were all experiencing the same reality Now though we all were living in different time zones.

Yes, experiencing those events at the same time is an example of omniscience. You see, satellites are man’s attempt at understanding omniscience, it is the all-seeing-eye of the planet. Imagine that there is this same ‘eye’ within you which enables you to be everywhere in consciousness and to know all.

I also remember dreaming of the events two weeks before; how come I thought it was going to happen in London?

I, as your all-knowing Self, revealed this information to you and during the dream you knew what was going to happen but you interpreted it in the only way you knew how from your perspective. You knew it was a city and you knew there were buildings involved. The way you dreamed the information you received was you constructed an image of what you thought would happen rather that what is.

I think I understand you. Tell me could this have been averted?

Sure it could have. Nothing within the temporal reality is set in stone and can be changed in an instant. It’s pointless discussing what could have changed. Remember in Reality only love is real.

Go on, you were talking about omniscience.

Yes satellites are examples of omniscience whereby they transmit information from all around the globe back to source. This is why you were all able to witness the 911 events at the same time. Remember I used the analogy of a flower earlier. Let’s say that the whole flower is who you are and as you unfold each day you already know all as you’re already there. Each day is an opportunity to experience who you are. By experience I am referring to that which is of Love. Anything else is discounted as it is not really happening.

You still haven’t answered my question. How do I apply omniscience/omnipresence on a practical level?

By knowing that you are omnipresence, you are everywhere in consciousness, there is no need to worry about a thing because all is known. Just like satellites are constantly sending feedbacks to ‘headquarters’; so is consciousness transmitting messages to you as Source. These messages influence you to make decisions that pertain to this personality, Enocia, which is different from another personality. Together you experience life in harmony. For instance when you wake up each day and you stay in silence, don’t you find that you know exactly what your task is that day?

Yes I do. It’s as if I get messages as to what aspect of Self I wish to experience that day and that is what I am inspired to write about or experience.


So what you’re saying is that there is not really a future me?

How can there be a future you when there is no past or future? “Behold, now is the accepted time.” There is only one You and you exist everywhere, not just on earth. This is often referred to as the multidimensional Self. To have a future Self is to think in the linear way that a future is filled with more intelligence than a past. All is Now. Right Now is the fullness of who you are which embraces all and knows all. Whatever you need to know is available right here, right now. There’s no other place to go but here.

Thank you, this dialogue has been most illuminating.

Don’t thank me, thank yourself.


Love Enocia