Jul 152004

Have you ever tried seeing people as who they really are?

Yesterday on the bus I tried to see people as whole. Now this is a tricky one since I’m so used to seeing others 2-dimensionally i.e. either from the front or the back. I also have another way of seeing as I’ve got double-vision and it’s fun to use it when I’m in the park. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the solid version of reality from the other. I try not to see double though when I am crossing the road. :-)

Anyway I tried to see pedestrians from all sides, up and down, left and right, back and front, the sides at the same time. The more I tried the more exhausted I became. When I got off my first bus I was completely wiped out like I had no energy. I guess it was like trying to walk up an escalator that is going down. I was going against the mind programme that dictates we see things only in parts.

Recently I went to buy some jeans, I was shocked to see my body at different angles in the shop mirrors. I couldn’t recognise myself. I bet you if someone were to put a picture of my bottom beside a picture of a famous Hollywood actor, I will recognise the actor’s bottom every time. :-)

Seeing myself in parts is again part of the human programme. We think someone is attractive but only based on our perception of what attraction is which is limited to our way of seeing. What about if you could get a full picture of the person? Would our perception of attractiveness change?

Back to the exercise of seeing. On my next bus I persisted with seeing. Perfection showed me how people appear: a big blob that’s how. To see from all angles at the same time is reducing the form to a formless blob of energy. Imagine a supermodel blob walking down the catwalk. Urgh, I shudder at the thought! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Years ago I watched a movie called “The Blob.” (http://www.fast-rewind.com/) This amorphous entity went around consuming anything in sight until it was annihilated in the end, as happens in movies. I’m thinking, what if this Blob is an enlightened being who has reduced his form to a blob and was simply trying to return the universe to its primordial state? Humans used to seeing reality in parts see the Blob as a threat to their existence. Oooh! Spooky! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So it’s official folks, I’m a Blob. But this Blob is holding on to her individuality for now.

Squish, squash, splat, squelch.
This is Blob speak for: All my love, Enocia :-)