Jul 222004

“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

I remember the first time I experienced the Inner Light during meditation. I completely lost all sense of time/space/me-ness/you-ness and it just is. I had never felt such utter joy and bliss. I stayed in that space for ages. (It doesn’t seem right writing about it as a past event as this state exists now, but I’m using language and it’s the best I can do). Eventually I experienced the ‘fall’ and returned to the human state of consciousness. I had never felt so depressed. It just felt so unreal being here. Why can’t I be in that state forever?

I tried to repeat the experience and so meditation had a goal, union with Self. I experienced that state again and again and again. I’ve since experienced other exalted states which lead to Inner Silence.

What is the purpose of meditation? For me it is a tool to be God, as the psalmist writes “Be still, and know that I am God.” It’s not enough to know God in that state and then return to ‘ordinary’ life and continue in the same way. You can’t anyway since when you’re in that state of Union you’re pulling down tremendous amount of energy. The problem I found that because of this unlimited energy, when my thoughts weren’t aligned with Self, I created disasters. If you think yourself as the ego outside Spirit then you’re going to have an even bigger ego. There’s no use practising meditation or any discipline and not being able to use it. Thus the purpose of meditation is to be God perpetually. It means being in the state of union with Spirit and experiencing life in that state. In truth it is the only state of consciousness there is.

You might question, how is it possible to go about one’s worldly duties in that state of consciousness when these duties demand that we should think in worldly ways? I say you can be doing something as worldly as cleaning and be in that state of consciousness. When you are cleaning as God, you will find the cleaning will be done effortlessly, or it will be removed by simply thinking it away. What about writing? It is not Enocia writing but Spirit, the all there is, expressing Self, and so it is effortless. Walking is effortless because it is no longer a physical event but one of movement of Spirit. And so on…

Meditation, yoga, whatever form of spiritual tool one uses, have to be used with intent. It’s so easy to be impressed by the ‘glamour’ of what one experiences during meditation: the inner light, out of body experiences, kundalini, inner sounds etc. Though they are nice effects, if they cannot be applied on a practical basis they are nothing.

For me, life is an ongoing union with Spirit. This is what the practice of meditation has given me.

All my love,