Aug 092004

Star date, 98765.3, Saturday. (Sorry, Star Trek humour). :-)

It’s another day in paradise

I’m about to have a gander around the shops in the west end. I’ve been pondering over infinity. I have a thought to get out of the city and head towards Hampstead Heath. I figure I could go to Regent’s Park which is closer but I catch the bus to Hampstead Heath instead. I have a thought that I’m about to be shown a demonstration of infinity. I presume I’m about to have one of those one-on-one dialogues with Self and maybe I should find a quiet spot. Doubtful, since it’s a hot day and it’s bound to be crowded. I visualise my favourite bench in the shades. I arrive at the bench but it’s already occupied, but the woman says she’s leaving. After a few minutes another woman joins me. She comments what a lovely spot it is and she sits down to read. Great, peace attracts peace!

I am sitting in stillness observing a young boy riding on his bike nearby, ducks on the pond and watching people go by. After about an hour the woman besides me leaves. I have a thought, “I know, I’ll go to the ‘women only’ pool area.” I know it has lovely space where you can chill out. I amble up and down footpaths that meander around huge trees, discover other hidden spots I’ve never noticed before, all the while moving further away from the crowd. After a while I have a rest on another bench. While I’m sitting there I hear a couple of women asking for directions to the ‘women only’ swimming baths. I walk over to them and tell them I’m on my way there and we can walk together.

It’s my new friends’ first time at the Heath. One says she’s lived in London for 15 years and has never been to the Heath. Her friend is from Greece and she’s just visiting. She fancies having a swim in private. I tell them I’ve been coming to the Heath for ages and know it like the back of my hand. I lead the way until we arrive somewhere I don’t recognise. But we’ve stopped right outside a sign pointing to the baths. Amazing, I’ve never been to it using this route and it’s a lot quicker!

The ‘women only pool’ is a lovely space, particularly when it’s not crowded. It caters for women who want to swim in the comfort of other women, others who want to enjoy sitting on the grass, in the shade or around the pool. This time the area is heaving with bodies: a few like myself are fully-clothed, others are in bikinis, swim wear and some topless. Although it’s crowded, I feel immense trust and safety. There’s something sacred about this space where women can be together in private if they so choose and sunbathe, frolic around or sit quietly as I intend to. I have long since ‘lost’ my new friends to their activities, but I’m content in my little corner on a bench, where I sit and read and contemplate. It’s time to move on.

As I walk towards the station I ponder over what the experiences I’ve had means in relation to infinity. I loved the space for women. It reminded me of the sacred space within all of us, our God presence, also called the Sacred Heart, Inner Silence, where there is all power, love and wisdom. ( The women’s pool area was symbolic of this space that we all share, which is infinity. Infinity provides for everyone according to their needs. We are never sharing material things, instead we are sharing Infinity, which appears as material or human needs. All around the Heath are spots that suit individual taste. Those who like to be around people are with people. Those who want their privacy have it too. It’s a pity I never got to say goodbye to my lovely friends.

I have a thought that I could do with some water. Maybe I’ll get some in town. I’m about to walk the final stretch to the train station when I have the desire to continue exploring the Heath. I’ve still got loads of time. I walk aimlessly until I arrive at a water spring. A man is feeding his two dogs water. I ask if it’s OK to drink and he says it is. I fill by bottle with water. The water tastes cool, a bit metallic, but very refreshing. The interesting thing is that the water in my bottle looks ‘normal’ yet when I get home later, I realise that the water is actually pale yellow. I wonder why I didn’t notice the colour before? I probably would have resisted drinking water that looks like urine. Curious!

Back to my walk. I stroke the dogs and I’m on my way. I’m going deeper into the Heath and I haven’t got a clue where I am. On the other hand, I know exactly where I am because I am walking in God so it’s impossible for me to get lost. I’ll just go with the flow.

“We meet again.” It’s my two friends from the pool walking towards me. Aha, now I understand why I was being ‘led’ on this walk so I could meet my friends and say goodbye properly. They ask me if I know how to get to the station and I have to confess I don’t but I know we’ll find our way back.

It’s fun walking with my friends. We talk about how odd it is to keep meeting up like this. We discuss how lovely the pool area was. They confess they felt uncomfortable asking people the direction to the women’s pool because they didn’t want people thinking they were lesbians. How odd! I have to confess that thought never crossed my mind. I simply fancied being in that spot because it would be nice. Then again I have no idea why I had the desire in the first place.

“A man came to the pool area while we were there,” one of my friends says.
“Really? How did he end up getting there?”
“He was on his mobile and I think he just stumbled in. He looked genuinely shocked,” she says. “I heard him say on his mobile, I think I’ve just walked into heaven.” 😉

I roar with laughter. The thought of a man walking into that space with all those semi-clad women must have been a sight, a real heaven on earth experience. Apparently, he was quickly marched off the premises. :-)

At the end of our walk near the station, one of the girls heads off to the shop, I walk with the other to the train station where we exchange hugs and kisses. I head off to catch my bus to the west end to the bookshop.

Later on my way home I’m sitting upstairs on another bus. At one point the driver turns the engine off. Now what? Maybe the bus conductor has got involved in a squabble with a passenger. There’s only one thing to do so I affirm in thought “Love is all there is.” Someone announces that a passenger has had a fit and foaming at the mouth and the bus conductor has called an ambulance. The bus is staying put. I get off the bus and wait at the stop. After a few minutes the bus conductor announces that the passenger is feeling perfectly OK and doesn’t need an ambulance. We get back on the bus and the bus pulls away.

On my final walk home I reflect on the day’s events. The Inner Voice tells me I’ve experienced a demonstration of what happens when you stay in the Sacred Heart. You are able to share your realisation of Infinity with others who have similar goals as you. Thus my two friends and I shared the same desire for the pool area and to get to the train station. Infinity brought us together and appeared as the desired need. Of course, sharing one’s connection to infinity with others is only a temporary measure; the Sacred Heart is within all of us and we have to do the work of realising this ourselves.

It’s the next day, Sunday, and I’m having a day of vegging out in front of the television. I’m watching the movie, “Star Trek V – The final Frontier.” It’s about a heretic Vulcan called Sybok, who has abandoned his logical nature for his heart centre, which he believes holds the key to all power and wisdom. Sybok uses his telepathic skills to help people release their painful memories. He has spent his whole life searching for God. He hijacks the Starship Enterprise with the crew in it so they can take him on his quest. Captain Kirk, Spock and Doctor McCoy are at first very suspicious and reluctant. They end up finding God on a planet deep within the galaxy. God is an energetic force and at first they all believe they’ve met God, until God starts talking about using the Enterprise to carry his knowledge to other parts of the universe. Captain Kirk asks God why he needs a spaceship. God is not amused. One energetic blast from God leaves Kirk squirming on the ground…and so is Spock. They now realise God is no other than god. Sybok also realises that the true God would never inflict pain on others. It turns out that god is an evil entity that has being kept prisoner within that part of the galaxy by a greater entity. The entity’s real agenda is to escape using the starship. He tries to kill Kirk but Kirk and his crew destroy him. At the end of the movie, the doctor asks Captain Kirk whether God exists. Kirk points to his heart and says this is where God is.

Now how’s that for synchronicity!

I am Enocia,
Coming from the Sacred Heart