Aug 112004

Imagine you’re having a conversation with someone but you can’t hear anything. You ask the other to speak up as you can’t hear. The other nods and still you hear nothing. You’re getting really annoyed as you believe the other is not taking you seriously. The other may very well be speaking telepathically but since you’re not used to that communication style you can’t receive it. The other could also be speaking in Silence and because it’s not your preferred way, you’re lost for words.

Apart from forms which we perceive and experience through our senses, every moment we’re also being bombarded with energy vibrations which eventually translate as words, pictures, sounds, smells, and tastes. It is what we’re used to. However, real wisdom comes from the Silence, beyond the senses.

As I see it, whatever is vibrating or has a frequency that can be measured is one that the senses can pick up at some point. Thoughts and ideas have their own frequencies depending on intent. Within the Silence are no vibrations. Within the Silence are no thoughts. Within the Silence there can be no creation in the physical sense, which are changeable and ephemeral. It is within this field of no-creation that matter ceases to be matter and is Spirit; silence being the substance of Spirit.

In my view there is no point trying to resist beliefs and thoughts in or out which constitute programming manifested as the many imperfections and ills of this world. The moment you resist them you’re vibrating at the equivalent frequency. Why not be in a state of no-frequency?

Now being in a state of no-frequency or vibration doesn’t mean you go into a place of permanent rest. You can go about your daily life while in this state. While in this state I feel weightless as if I’m not here though I know I appear in form. I have a sense of being omnipresent. It’s like everywhere I am, I Am. Even when I am not somewhere in form, I Am.

My life experiences have shown me that Silence doesn’t need the senses for it to express Self. The senses are the equivalent of scientists using material equipments to observe Spirit. It’s not going to happen.

Reminds me of a story behind the photograph of the God-realised Master, Lahiri Mahasaya. Lahiri did not like his picture taken. Without his consent, a group picture was taken with Lahiri and his devotees. When the picture was developed there was a blank space where Lahiri should have been. Another photographer persisted and took Lahiri’s picture when he was deep in meditation. Again nothing appeared. Lahiri’s response was:

“I’m Spirit. Can your camera reflect the omnipresent Invisible?”

The photographer accepted the truth and formally requested the Master’s consent to take a picture.

“Again the photographer focused his camera. This time the sacred figure, not cloaked with mysterious imperceptibility, was sharp on the plate.” (From Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda)

Beyond the senses, in Silence I am