Aug 122004

I was on my way to the library yesterday afternoon when I bumped into a dear friend I haven’t seen in months. She asked me whether I was about to send her one of my stories. I told her I already had. It turns out she was about to check her emails and use the Internet. She called me over to look at her in-box. It was amazing to see how productive I’ve been over the last few weeks. She said these days she only receives emails from me and she’s got a backlog of post to catch up on. I was glad to see she was taking it all in good spirits.

Later, I went round to hers for tea as she only lived up the road. My friend said at least the advantage of receiving my emails was she hardly received Spams (junk emails).

“I reckon the Spam people have given up on me because they can’t get through your emails.”

I found that statement hilarious and yet so profound. She had been thinking of telling me she was drowning in my emails.

“You mean you’re drowning in so much good?” I said laughing.
“Yes, there’s too much good for me to cope with.”

Later I pondered over our discussion. Most people who get on the ‘spiritual path’ want to know how to have access to Infinite Good. Can we really handle it? How much love can you handle? How much joy can you handle? How much peace can you handle? You hear people say: “someone can’t be that nice.” Human nature expects things to happen in fits and starts, but to continuously have Infinite Good thrust upon you. Help!

I’m thinking if you can’t handle too much good then don’t go looking to Infinite Good as you end up getting more and more and more and more ad infinitum. It is Infinite Good’s nature to supply you with infinite wisdom, abundance, bliss, love, harmony, joy and goodness.

I like the fact that my emails have been acting as spam-guards. When you think about it, it’s rather like being at one with Infinite Good and your consciousness is filled with so much love, you are never distracted by the world’s ways. Surely this has to be the real purpose of knowledge of Self.

Ask yourself right now? How much Good can you handle?

I am Infinite Good,