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“The substance of a dream is held in materialization by the subconscious thought of the dreamer. When that cohesive thought is withdrawn in wakefulness, the dream and its elements dissolve. A man closes his eyes and erects a dream creation, which, on awakening, he effortlessly dematerializes. He follows the divine archetypal pattern. Similarly, when he awakens in cosmic consciousness, he effortlessly dematerializes the illusion of a cosmic-dream universe.” (p. 361, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda)

Warning – this article is likely to send you to sleep! Altogether now, one big yawn! OK, here goes…<>

If you don’t already know this by now, I’m a big Star Trek fan. Unfortunately I don’t have access to satellite TV right now so I don’t get to watch them anymore, but I have memorised the episodes that mean a lot to me. One of my favourite episodes from Star Trek Voyager is called “Waking Moments.”

In this episode, the crew encounter an alien species called “Dream Aliens” who attack people in their dreams creating nightmares. Chakotay, the first officer of the starship, Voyager, knows how to lucid dream i.e. the state of being aware that one is dreaming and able to control one’s dream. His mission is to enter the dream state and find out why the Aliens are attacking them. Before he’s put to sleep, Chakotay gives himself a cue which will remind him he’s in a dream state and to tap his hands three times when he wishes to wake up. The doctor puts him to sleep.

Chakotay meets the Dream Aliens in his dream, and discovers they’re being attacked because it’s the Aliens’ way of retaliating against “waking species” who have attacked them in the past. The Dream Aliens promise to leave the Voyager crew alone. Chakotay wakes up and returns to his reality. Voyager is soon under attack by the “Dream Aliens.” The Aliens beam on board Voyager and take over. While the crew is in captivity, Chakotay sees an image that reminds him he’s still dreaming. He taps his hands and disappears from the ship. The others soon realise they are also in a dream of the Dream Aliens making. Now that they are aware they are in a dream how do they get out of this reality?

It is now up to Chakotay and the ship’s holographic doctor to rescue them. The only way is to find the source where the Dream Aliens are collectively dreaming. Chakotay suspects there is a mechanism responsible for continuing their dreams and it must be deactivated. Chakotay discovers where the Aliens are dreaming together. He wakes up the leader of the Dream Aliens and commands him to turn off the transmitter otherwise he will give orders for the doctor to destroy the rest of the Aliens while they are asleep. All ends well and the captain and her crew are returned unharmed to their reality.

What I loved about this episode was it reminded me so much of the universe as a whole which is a dream state, dreams within dreams. I’ve had dreams where I’ve dreamt of an event and the event has manifested. I believe I’m awake but I’m not, I’m in a dream within a dream. The universe is a bit like this where there are innumerable dream realities, each purporting to be real. If it’s all a dream, what is Reality? I believe Reality to be a state of consciousness of Love, Formlessness. If you’ve ever meditated you get to a state of consciousness of pure bliss where there is no sense of time or space. You’re aware of the presence of the One in all which is unlimited Bliss, and yet it feels as if You are the only one that exists. This for me is Reality. The rest is a dream.

In that episode of Voyager, the Dream Aliens try to convince the Voyager crew they are experiencing reality by ‘creating’ a warp-core (fuel) breach in the engineering room which when it explodes would normally evaporate anyone close by. The Captain follows her instincts and goes into the engineering room. When the warp-core explodes and she’s unharmed, she is convinced she’s in a dream being sustained by the Dream Aliens. She advises her crew that the Aliens’ weapons are useless and they can’t be harmed. In the same way, when you awake from the cosmic dream, and realise all realities are dreams, there is no longer any need to resist as you know dreams cannot hurt you. Only if you believe them to be real can you be harmed.

Right now, the collective consciousness of humanity is dreaming many realities comprising of various programmes and brain-washing technologies in order to convince others of what is real. You can be so mesmerised by the dream you’re experiencing that you think you’re experiencing reality. Even the bodies we have are nothing but dream bodies that have no intelligence of their own; you wouldn’t think this was the case would you? There we go admiring the beauty of nature but it’s only a dream. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate nature; I do but with a healthy dose of detachment.

There are also other group consciousness dreaming realities, thus the earth is in a bigger dream, and that bigger dream is in another dream and so it spirals into other dream realms. Reminds me of the movie, the Matrix. Neo was fighting to rescue people from the Matrix on earth, while he and his crew exist in another version of the Matrix, another dream realm.

Here’s an example of a dream I had on my way home two days ago.

In this dream reality, I’m travelling by bus. A woman sits besides me and immediately jumps up and sits somewhere else. Was it something I said? :-)I realise she’s reacting to a man who has just entered the bus. He’s very tipsy. He is yelling to himself in his native tongue, Somalian I believe. The two guys he’s with tell him to be quiet but he’s in his own drunken dream stupor. He walks towards where I’m sitting and is shouting at no one in particular. A woman close by tells him to stop looking at her. He tells her, in English, he’s not looking at her. She tells him to stop speaking in her direction. Another passenger tells him he stinks. Time to make an escape from this dream to what is my Reality – Silence. In this space I know everyone on the bus is already present, even the drunk and seemingly irate passenger. All is in the presence of Love.

While the young man is ranting and raving in Somalian, I hear him say,” Salam Alaikum.” My uncle is Muslim so I know that it’s what Muslims say which means “Peace be with you.” The response is usually “Alaikum Salam,” which means “Peace be unto you also.” How can someone who appears to be angry be saying “Peace be unto you?”

The young man sits besides me. He directs his attention at me and rants on about what is going on in his life. Even though I can’t understand him, I “know” what he’s talking about. A couple of times I hear him say “Salam Alaikum” and I respond silently in turn. In this dream reality a woman is checking to see if I’m being disturbed by this man. I am not. I’m enjoying our conversation as it goes. When it’s time for me to get off, I ask him to get out of my way so I can pass and he does quietly. He’s harmless. It’s only a dream and I know the real man is right with me in the presence of Love.

Waking up from a dream but still being in a dream effectively makes you a lucid dreamer. If you’ve ever experienced lucid dreaming, you’re aware you’re in a dream. You can consciously change events in the dream. Those who believe the dream is real may even regard the lucid dreamer as superhuman.

This world is a dream. The universe is a dream. Granted, there are many beautiful realms but they are all dreams. When you realise all is a dream you’re not mesmerised by appearances. You can enjoy and appreciate the dreams for what they are. Just last week I had a sleeping dream where I was flying on Pegasus, the mythical white horse with wings. There was my dream man sitting behind me. Pegasus flew us to a lovely location. When I woke up I realised it was a lovely dream but a dream all the same.

“Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.”

On the other hand you could have misheard the lyrics as:

Roll, roll, roll your boat,
Carefully down the string.
Nearly, nearly, nearly, nearly,
Wife a daughter ding.

I am the Lucid Dreamer,

  4 Responses to “It's only a Dream”

  1. well yes yes yes…is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream…dream is creation…beingness so on..i am seraph be…the song of cosmic man…..

  2. Hi Seraph. Sorry I’ve only just woken up from my dream and read your post. :-) Thanks for your comment.
    Love you, Enocia

  3. i LIKE YOUR COMMENTS… becasue they are coherent with islamic teachings :) We are told this is a dream world…. and we have also to meditate and gain true love of the one.. through which everything exists :)

  4. Hi Saleem,

    Appreciate your comments. It would appear there is the same thread in all religions. Look forward to exchanging further ideas with you.

    Love EJ :-)