Aug 172004

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. ” (John 8:32)

You know, from my experiences here on earth, I have observed that two things motivate humanity: love and freedom.

When I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I came across a presupposition which states:

“Every behaviour has a positive intention.”

Someone smoking, for instance, might be seeking relaxation but smoking is the only choice he knows based on programmes within mortal mind. You attack someone because, in your mind, you’re trying to defend yourself, loved one or property. It is this positive intention, love, that motivates others to do what they do, albeit at times with dire consequences.

Another motivational factor behind the human experience is the search for freedom. You think if you go to university and have your qualifications, you will be able to get a good job, which pays well, that will give you the freedom to experience life as you choose. Or maybe you could have a windfall and then have the freedom to do whatever you like, and that freedom will make you happy.

So you set off on the great quest for love and freedom which will lead to happiness but does it ever happen? I believe we can have love and freedom because we already have Love. We are Love. When you trust in your nature, Love, Love shows you how you can have freedom.

I remember for years I was seeking freedom from an injury which necessitated me seeing over 10 different therapists. In the end I trained in a few so I could understand what the pain was about. What did Love do? Love showed me the truth of my ‘suffering’ was that it was a belief. Love showed me that my nature is Love and that Love will never create a situation to teach me lessons or make me suffer. Love opened my eyes to the fact that I was experiencing a mass hallucination that says we have to suffer in order to experience our Good. It is this truth that set me free from that injury.

I used to have issues with food and what to drink. Like many people, I would select what I thought was good and reject what I thought was bad. Love showed me that again I was following a system of beliefs giving me the hypnotic suggestion that one’s body is sustained by food. Love showed me that no food could sustain me; that who I am is sustained by Spirit, so I can take or leave food.

We also think universal life energy keeps us alive which comes in through our breath. I was just saying to a friend that during Samadhi, the state of meditation when you’re merged in with Spirit/Self, you are in a state of breathlessness. Yogananda puts it this way:

“Man’s conscious state is an awareness of body and breath. His subconscious state, active in sleep, is associated with his mental, and temporary, separation from body and breath. His superconscious state is a freedom from the delusion that “existence” depends on body and breath. God lives without breath; the soul made in His image becomes conscious of itself, for the first time, only during the breathless state.”
(p. 562, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda).

I have experienced this breathless state innumerable times. In Inner Silence, I am in a breathless state. Am I not still here typing this article? Again, this is how Love freed me from the illusion that man is a physical form.

The Love that has showed me the way to the truth of being is not something that is out there that you have to seek, It is within everyone. Love is who we are. When we open up our hearts to Love, the truth of being is revealed. What is revealed may not be what you expect but it is so much more; and where there is Love there is freedom.

Another thing about Love is it is so magnetic. Just yesterday while I was waiting for a bus I played a game of blessing others with Love. I felt tremendous energy going outwards. I directed Love at a man standing away from me. Like a magnet, the man was drawn to stand beside me. I doubt if he had made a conscious decision to move, it was Love that magnetised him to where I was sitting.

Whatever we’re dreaming of – freedom, love, peace, wisdom, abundance – we already have now. It is Love. Every day is an opportunity to express Infinite Love which opens your eyes to the truth of reality and gives you the joy you seek.

I am Love,