Aug 212004

You know, everything is just like me. Even when things are not like me they are trying to be just like me. What appears to be space is filled with me and is me. It’s like I can see my reflection everywhere.

Now what is true for myself is true for all. We are all individualised parts of Self yet each individualised part of Self is the fullness of Infinite Self.

It’s interesting living with my mother at the moment. She says something or experiences something and I see it reflected back at her. Sometimes I bring it to her attention. Now she’s beginning to notice a lot more of herSelf.

Last Saturday we discussed the reality of eternal youth. She expressed a desire to look a certain age. I asked her why she hadn’t picked a younger age; after all, what difference does it make to Self what age you choose? She said my question reminded her of a story she once read about a man who was given the opportunity to ask for his greatest desire. The man asked for immortal life but forgot to ask for eternal youth, so he got older and older but couldn’t die.

The next day there were two movies on television. The first one called “The Spring” is about a father and son who discover a spring, the fountain of eternal youth. The locals who drink from the spring appear to be in their twenties. They are not willing to share their secret with the rest of the world. In order for the man and his son to enjoy eternal youth, he has to give up his previous life. He can never leave or face reprisals. In the end the man and his son manage to escape from the “idyllic” community.

The next movie, which was back-to-back, was “Logan’s Run.” In this futuristic sci-fi, no one is allowed to live beyond 30. Logan 5 and a friend, Jessica 6 believe there is another reality called “sanctuary” outside the box they’ve literally been living in. Outside, there is no sanctuary but a deserted version of earth where they meet a man who has aged beyond their comprehension. They return to share this vital information with others: that no one need die at 30, they could experience what’s it’s like to age.

Now both movies were reflecting what my mother and I had discussed the day before. It would seem that mortal man’s notion of immortality is there has to be a catch. Eternal youth is unnatural. Both movies were demonstrations of how one’s thoughts are constantly reflected back at you, albeit in a distorted version. At every moment you’re either getting a mirror image of Self or ego. As I wrote earlier,”Even when things are not like me they are trying to become just like me.”

I see Reality to be Infinity occupying all space. Within Infinity exists individualised versions of the Infinite, like our own unique “finger-prints.” My finger-print or essence interpenetrates all space. I see versions of me reflected back at me in people I meet in the street, over the Internet, everywhere.

I am Infinite Self,
Love Enocia