Aug 132004

“Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” (Jesus, John 16:24)

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. ” (Isaiah 55: 8 )

I am about to get off one bus. I’m wondering whether the next one is going to arrive as soon I get off this one. The Inner Voice (V) tells me to ask for what I need.

V: Why don’t you ask for the bus you want to appear?

EJ: Why do I have to ask for a bus? You’re with me day in and day out travelling using the same route. Surely, you already know what my needs are?

V: Yes, but you could very well decide to walk home.

EJ: But you already know what I’m about to do before I do it, what’s the use of asking? It’s like paying lip service.

V: On the contrary, you always have to ask for what you need.

EJ: But I’ve been affirming the truth of being. Surely, the truth of being should be made manifest as whatever my practical needs are.

V: Wrong. You can affirm all the truth you like but they’re not necessarily going to meet your material needs. This may sound like a huge contradiction. You think by understanding the truth it means your life is instantly going to be honky dory and your material needs are instantly met. Let me dispel that myth for you, EJ. Your material needs are only met when you ask for this to be the case.

EJ: What do you mean?

V: Because Infinity doesn’t know anything about the human experience. The human experience is effectively meaningless. How do you expect your needs to be met at a material level when it is a need that is diametrically opposed to Infinity?

EJ: You’re not making any sense.

V: OK, you need transportation, right? Your true identity is Infinite which is omnipresent. To be omnipresent means you are already where you want to be. Knowing who you are as Infinite/Omnipresence is not going to get you there if you haven’t worked out how to manifest a body where you need to be. In the meantime you have to play the game of getting on the bus and getting to your destination. If you leave it to the Infinite One you won’t get your needs met. Remember that you are part of the Infinite. You exist right now as an individualised state of consciousness within Infinity that is projecting a hologram (or idea body) called Enocia. To experience a sense of material reality you’re going to have to state your intent that you, as Infinity, wish to experience a bus ride and create that reality. In truth you don’t need to be or travel anywhere as you’re already there. But in the 3D reality you have to pretend by travelling to where you want to get to. Of course when you’ve worked out how to manifest many bodies, you will no longer need to take buses. :-)

EJ: I think I see what you mean. What you’re saying is my identity as Self already has Her needs met and as such doesn’t need this material reality for it to exist.

V: Yes. Let’s take another example of food. You can affirm the truth that I am Source but this realisation is not going to get your desire for food met. As far as the Infinite One is concerned, Infinity doesn’t need to eat. Infinity is Life. I know these days you go for hours, even days, without food. Infinity cannot be hungry as It is already full and complete. If you wish to experience the reality called food you’re going to have to express your intent that you wish to experience food. You may be provided with food or the resources to get the food.

You have heard it taught by Jesus that “it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” This is Truth. You have indeed been given all but not necessarily the way you perceive the Kingdom to be. Your Father, the One Spirit manifesting in all, has given you Himself. When you realise you are Spirit there is no need to eat because you are self-sustained; you cannot be sick because you are Health; you cannot die as you are Life; you don’t need anyone to love you as you are Love; etc. You see the tricky part is if you’re living in that state of consciousness called Infinity, your needs are being met. In truth you have no needs. Now do you see why you can’t expect the Infinite to rescue you from pain? Infinity, i.e. you as Infinity, simply reminds yourself: “You already are Radiant Health.” However, if you wish to experience the illusion of eating, you need to ask so you can create that reality, in effect, outside of Reality.

EJ: If I’m creating outside of Reality, isn’t that perpetuating the notion of being separated from Source?

V: Enocia, all creations are in effect separation from Source. Your real home where you are right now is the Consciousness of Love that is forever complete, perfect and blissful. To create outside of perfection is to presume you are in lack, which is not the truth of Spirit which is never in lack. Bearing this in mind, if you’re going to create, you need to be aware that what you’re creating is a tool only to experience the reality you’re in, not to give you happiness or make your life complete.

Now creating a tool to experience 3D reality should not be mistaken for believing 3D reality to be real. Someone who believes her physical body to be her identity truly believes that if she doesn’t eat or sustain it, she will die. She believes that when she is sick she is actually experiencing something that is detrimental to her sense of self. For this individual, truth is material reality. She may even have beliefs in realms called: mind, body and spirit; that when she ‘passes over’ she will continue life in other realms called astral, mental or causal realms; or end up reincarnating on earth, depending on her belief. This individual will always seek to experience material experiences because it is what she believes to be real.

You know that there is only One Reality, Spirit, where you are right now. You also are aware that earth is not real, it is simply a simulation in which you can express ideas. So you choose what you wish to experience and ignore the rest. When you express a need for food, you know that it is because you wish to experience the taste or flavour etc, not because the food sustains you. I know you like wearing makeup because you like to play this game. You know that it doesn’t make you appear ageless. Despite the many claims, nothing in this 3D reality can make you ageless. Of course you can believe you’re ageless and you could appear ageless but this only lasts as long as you sustain that belief. Only the understanding that your nature is Spirit which is never born, nor dies, therefore cannot age, will make you ageless. Even so, to appear ageless you still have to choose what age you would like to appear as. You have at least chosen what illusion of age you would like to appear as, which is a start. You could easily choose to appear like someone in her fifties but I know that’s not your intention, right? :-)

EJ: You’ve got that right!

V: You see Enocia, real choice, freewill, begins when you know the truth of Reality. Then you can choose what part of the illusion, you appear to be living in, you wish to experience. You experience whatever it is with detachment as you know you’re simply playing a game. You know you are already ensconced in Reality.

EJ: Actually what you’re saying makes a lot of sense.

V: Ask what you would like to experience and you shall receive. If you don’t ask We shall all presume you are expressing the Infinite One who has no desires.

You’ve been given, or rather, You as Infinity have given yourself a wonderful opportunity to express life as forms. Make the most of it. Have fun! If you can’t have fun, have more fun! :-)

EJ: Thank you.

Peace and Love,