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“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29: 18)

One thing that’s bugged me since I was a child was my eyesight. I’ve done the rounds, been to opticians, specialists and was wearing glasses for years. Every two years I would go for an eye-test and told the same story, that I have a lazy right eye; I was short-sighted in one eye and long-sighted in the other. The optician would then suggest increasing the prescription. I mean, why didn’t they just give me magnifying glasses and get it over and done with.

Three years ago I stopped wearing glasses and sunglasses. I figured God is my sight and that’s that. I found that as I relaxed into Spirit and let Spirit become my sight, my vision got clearer. I had not been able to pass my driver’s test because even with glasses my eyes were too ‘lazy’ to read the registration numbers at the required distance. Last year I was speaking to this guy I met on the road and we got talking about cars and driving. I asked him if he drove and he said yes. I asked him what the distance was to read the registration number. He pointed to a car and asked me to read the registration number. I did it no problem. I haven’t been inspired to apply for my licence yet but I will at some stage.

I’ve been thinking that the opticians have diagnosed my vision according to their world view. What if it’s all about perception? The eye they say is lazy, the right one, can only see words in a jumbled up way. It’s as if this eye sees the whole picture without seeing any separation. My left eye sees things clearly but in parts. It enables me to make sense of things as discrete entities. When both of them are put together it means I get a bigger picture view yet I’m able to get a clear perspective.

I still find I can only focus on things around me which are very clear to me. Besides you see what you want to see, mostly what someone is preoccupied with. Have you observed how babies only focus on what is around them? Optometists might argue that they haven’t learned yet to exercise their eye muscles that enable them to see at a distance. Who needs to see at a distance when all the fun is right where I am? Anything I need to see is brought to my attention.

Now there was I thinking all this time I didn’t have 20:20 vision. Actually my vision is perfect, I’ve simply been trying to see instead of letting it happen.

If only opticians would see the world my way, they would realise I’m doing good, because I see through Mind.

I am Vision,

  8 Responses to “Short-sighted, Long-sighted or Pure Genius?”

  1. that is touching i have the same type of eyes as you

  2. Glad you found it useful Nat. Love EJ

  3. Hi, i see your story has been up here for quite some time now, but i just wanted to let you know that i have stumbled across it at the RIGHT TIME for me, so thank you. Keep the faith, you’ve helped mine

  4. wow, i have a lazy right eye, short sighted in left, and long sighted in right.. eye drs useles.. they keep mixing it around sayin other eye is lazy. or both eyes short sighted… but thier MY eyes and only i know.. lol. my vison has gotten worse i mean i dont use glasses… but they make it worse.. and its just crazy. i have dyslexia too so i need blue lenses to see clearer. in a mess and i dont trust no1

  5. Hi Ahsan,

    Thank you so much for stopping by. Is it OK if I trust on your behalf?

    I trust that life is working out perfectly for you. I trust in the universe for you. I trust in you.

    All is well, my dear friend.

    With love,

  6. I have the same long and short sighted and the optician told me that if i want to see close then close the long sighted eye to allow the short sight to come in to play and vice versa if you need to see something in the distance. Its works well for me and is quite amazing that i can see what others can’t so we have the better sight as we have the option to see close and far away. Hope this helps.

  7. Very good idea, Rob. Thanks for sharing.

    With love,

  8. I think like me you just have bad eyesight and I wouldn’t suggest learning to drive as you would be a danger. I am glad you feel that your sight has improved but it could be just that you are now not forcing yourself to see clearly so you eyes are not straining as hard.