Aug 142004

“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46: 10)

“Gurus can arouse intense emotions as there is extraordinary passion in surrendering to what one perceives as a living God.” (From “The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power” by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad, by p.33)

“So although most gurus preach detachment, disciples become attached to having the guru as their center, whereas the guru becomes attached to having the power of being others’ center.” (ibid, p.50)

Imagine you’re going up a mountain. You can only see the mountain from your perspective only. Your focus is on one step at a time and reaching the summit. What if you have a thought telling you to move to another face of the mountain. You might rationalise that you’ve studied the mountain and have got expert advice from mountaineers or you might even be an expert. What if the “thinker’ is right and if you don’t follow “his” advice, there’s going to be a catastrophe?

Reminds me of a wonderful book called “Touching the Void “by Joe Simpson. Joe is descending a mountain with his friend, Simon. They are involved in a situation where Simon has to cut his friend loose or they will both die. Joe is plunging to his death when he lands on a ledge. The story follows how Joe manages to survive days on his own with a broken ankle and drag himself to base camp. During his struggle for survival, Joe hears two voices. One voice knows what to do and gives him instructions but it’s up to Joe to follow these instructions. The other voice is a combination of fears, thoughts, daydreams and memories. Because Joe follows the Voice’s instructions he survives the accident.

What is this Voice Joe Simpson heard that lead him to safety? I know this Voice to be the voice of Truth that we all have within that comes from the Silence. This Voice knows all. My experience is that He never tells you what you should do but what you can do. It’s up to you to follow His advice or not. I believe the “spiritual path” is to enable us to become at one with the Voice so you effectively live as the Voice. When you become the Voice you always know you’re making the right choices. Thus, you can decide to experience such and such and then trust in your instincts to take you to a particular route which brings the plan to fruition. Or the power within you, another aspect of the Voice, will manifest the reality. Everyone has access to this Voice. Joe Simpson became aware of the Voice when he was fighting for survival.

My experience is that the Voice will not go against what you believe reality to be. He will guide you to what is Truth as far as you’re open to receive. If it’s not in your realm of possibility that you can fly, the Voice will guide you according to what you believe is possible. In the same way, the Voice guided Joe in a physical way down the mountain because it was Joe’s perception of reality. Until you become clear of limitations and realise that the Voice is You, the all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present Self, the Voice works with what beliefs you have.

Since everyone has got access to this Voice there is no need for an external teacher or guru as you already have the guru within – the Voice. Even knowing that you have the guru/Voice within is not necessarily going to lead you to all truth if you have the belief that you don’t know and you need to be taught. Of course this is what the consensus reality we share on earth and in the universe is about – student/teacher. There’s the popular saying which some use as a mantra: “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” If that is your belief then you’re always seeking truth from another. What if you were to let go of the premise of not knowing and embrace the reality that you already know, since the Voice within is readily available and it is You? When you know you know, your actions take on that knowing. Some will define it as you’re following your intuition/inner guidance.

How do you access the reality where you’re living as the all-knowing Voice within? My experience is you cannot evolve to a point when you start trusting in the Voice. You don’t grow out of the idea that you don’t know to a new level where you do know. Truth is infinite. At what point do you know when you’ve finally got it, when you no longer need to ask questions? It will take infinity for this to happen! It’s rather like a smoker who wishes to give up smoking and believes he can break the habit by: reducing the amount he smokes, patches, injections, therapy etc. While you’re busy growing out of your habit, someone is getting richer – the cigarette manufacturers who are both behind smoking and anti-smoking products, therapists, etc.

Evolving out of the reality of a student/teacher universe doesn’t cut it. Like the smoker giving up the habit, you have to cut and run. It’s about leaving one reality and moving to another and never looking back. In the same way there came a point when the Voice told me that I can either stay in the paradigm of teacher/student universe when I’m either creating experiences as lessons to teach me or looking to another to teach me, and get stuck; or I could step into the reality and know that I am Wisdom, thus there is nothing for me to learn. I thought I would gradually grow out of it as I had bought into the idea that I was here to teach others, to be someone’s guru, to help lead others to salvation through teaching them how. To jump into another reality is to leave that identity behind. Was I ready to let go of that identity? Did letting go also mean I would no longer be able to pursue my passion for writing? What about the habit of thinking you have to suffer to appreciate what is good? Tricky, very tricky!

When I made the leap into the all-knowing reality, I discovered I could experience life based on choice, not because I need to learn lessons from them. I now had freedom to share my experiences – my joy, my passion – unconditionally. I didn’t care how my work was received. I didn’t have to be defensive. I was free to share just for the joy of sharing.

Another discovery I made was I had my Power. In a reality of the student/teacher, there is an imbalance of power. The student might argue that there is equal power as you’re choosing to give your attention to, or follow, a particular teaching. Imbalance of power exists because the other is the knower and you are the one who is seeking that knowledge, therefore, you’re not on a level playing field. When I relinquished the “guru” mentality, I began to see things clearly. We are all equal no matter what. There are Gurus, Masters, Teachers or Saviours if you live in that reality.

In my reality, everyone is the same – the knower and the known. All is known.

I am the Voice,
Enocia Joseph