Aug 242004

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118: 24)

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. ” (Ecclesiastes 1: 9)

EJ: What exactly is self-realisation?

V (Inner Voice): It is a constant state of remembering who you are, that you are the Presence of Love.

EJ: What exactly is the Presence of Love?

V: Before I elaborate, let me bring to memory what I have spoken about in what you would call the “past.”

There is only one day that exists and it is called today. On earth you have divided the One Day into segments of hours, days, months, seasons and years. You have even tried to measure each moment as segments called time. Now this way of counting the One Day is universal, though in other realities some days are a lot longer. In some realities, one day is the equivalent of thousands of earthly years. As you realise the truth of who you are, you realise that one day is actually eternity, whether you want to think of it as infinite hours, months or years, it doesn’t matter. There is only One Day that exists.

EJ: But if this one day exists how did the idea of the sun, moon, planets, galaxy, universe come about?

V: They are creations by Mind to experience reality but these creations are set designs, pure entertainment; rather like the props and set pieces used by a designer in a movie in order to evoke a certain mood. Creation of planets and universes are props only and are not to be taken as reality.

EJ: But they seem real enough to me. The sun’s heat feels real enough.

V: Really? How come when you are in a state of Silence you feel neither hot nor cold? This is because in that state you are experiencing reality, the one eternal day which has no climates, weather or conditions. You’re experiencing reality as it is; you’re experiencing the empty stage before the scenes were designed. Do you understand?

EJ: Yes. I have experienced that state of no heat/cold many times so I do understand.

V: We have established that creation of planets and universes are stage props. In reality there is only the one day, today, which is not different from yesterday. In the human reality you have been duped by the scenes of day and night and believe time is moving forward. You also believe that one day is better than or less than another because of your experiences of reality. No matter what is occurring in each day, it is always the same as the next day. No day is greater or better, every day is the same. Every day is Eternity.

I’m sure you have heard it said the only moment you have to make changes or be healed is in the present. Actually the reason is because of the Presence. You see, every moment called the “present” exists within the Presence. This Presence is the Presence of Love. You are this Presence of Love. The Presence is a state of being of infinite potential; the equivalent of an an empty stage.

The human experience of fear arises because you’re forgetting you are the Presence of Love.

EJ: Can you give me an example?

V: With pleasure. Remember the incident with the child on the bus recently?

EJ: Which one? I see so many incidents.

V: The one with the girl who was talking non-stop.

EJ: Oh yes, I remember.

I’m travelling on the bus and I can hear a little girl trying to attract her mother’s attention. Her mother is busy speaking to her friend beside her. The girl tries again and again to distract her mother. When her mother has finished speaking with her friend, she gives her daughter her full attention.

V : You know, the little girl is rather like the human experience. You’re constantly fighting to be heard because of this fear within you. If you would only realise that you’re the Presence of Love.

EJ: What do you mean by “fighting to be heard because of this fear within you?”

V: The girl is badgering her mother because she wants to be heard, to have her existence validated. Her mother knows she’s always there for her daughter and she need not speak to her to make her feel loved, she’s already loved. The girl has to develop trust in her mother that no matter what, she’s always there for her. In the same way, humanity experiences fear because he doesn’t realise that Love is forever who he is.

EJ: How do I become constantly aware of this Presence?

V: By first of all knowing that there is nothing else happening but the Presence of Love which interpenetrates all space. All creations are props created by an extremely talented set designer who wanted everyone to experience the greatest show on earth and beyond. The essence of Reality is formless, a void, an empty stage. But the Presence has taken the many forms you see around you. Know that your human form is not who you are. The Presence is who you are.

The Presence is also your personality. Your personality is how you unfold the Presence of Love which includes all love, wisdom, power, life, abundance, immortality, harmony, bliss and all that is good. How you unfold these qualities is what gives you the personality that is experiencing life as a human. Thus, your personality is infinite because it is the Presence that is your personality, not the human experience. It is the Presence of Love that is experiencing life not the human form.

EJ: You mentioned that there is only one day which never changes and I’m experiencing it today. How come things seem as if they happened yesterday, or as we say, the “past?” What is this past exactly?

V: Tell me, when you recalled the incident of the little girl on the bus, where do you think this event came from?

EJ: From the past.

V: Where is this past exactly?

EJ: From memory I guess.

V: Where is memory exactly?

EJ: I don’t know, it seems as if I pluck them from the air sometimes.

V: So what you’re saying is that memory exists somewhere, in the air perhaps? (smile)

EJ: I really don’t know. I guess we tend to refer to memory recall as originating from the past, maybe part of the brain that stores this information.

V: The brain?

EJ: I don’t know, the mind, whatever…why don’t you just tell me?

V: OK chill out! (smile) Let me tell you where the memory is coming from – the Presence. What you recall is coming from You because you exist in the fullness of today, which is the same as yesterday, which is the same as a million years ago, which is the same as a million years in the future, etc. You don’t have to look to a “past” to recall an event, you only need to look to your Presence which exists in every space in every day which is the same. Your Presence helps you to recall what has happened, NOW. Remember it is the Presence that is experiencing life not the human form. The Presence, therefore, knows all because It is always present.

Can you imagine what tomorrow will be like?

EJ: No, it hasn’t happened yet.

V: While the physical manifestation of tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, you’re already there. Remember, there is only one day occurring which is eternity and your Presence is already there. How the days manifest is of no consequence to the Presence. The Presence can see through the set design of days, months and years and knows that reality is the empty stage, so it is not taken in by the props. This is why the days are forever the same because it is the Presence experiencing life.

The only reason why time seems to move on in the human reality and in other realities is because you believe yourself to be the one experiencing life instead of the Presence. You are so taken in by the motion picture and the scenery that you believe it to be real. The only one experiencing reality in whatever “realm” you find yourself in is the Presence. If you always remember this and know this to be the truth, it will not matter to you what the weather is doing, or what the day is, as you will not be concerned. The Presence is forever Love experiencing love and nothing can change that.

EJ: So what you’re saying is that we appear to experience changes and flux because of false-identification with the human self?

V: Correct. Now this doesn’t only apply to the human experience, but to all realities. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a realm where you can create with light or through thought. If you identify with the self in that reality, you will experience “maya” – the great illusion. Self-realisation is about realising that no matter where you are and what you are doing, it is actually the Presence of Love that is experiencing life. You will have your own individual personality of course but this personality is the way you are unfolding the Presence of Love. When you realise it is the Presence that is experiencing life, you will not be fooled by special effects in the form of weathers, nature and other light phenomena; you will appreciate them for what they are, simply as parts of creation that the Presence is using to experience life, but they are not Reality.

EJ: So what you’re saying is that it doesn’t matter what reality appears like it is about remembering that it is the Presence that is experiencing life?

V: Yes. You see, it’s no use thinking that what you’re experiencing is illusion. What good is acknowledgement of illusion if you don’t understand the process? You are all in the greatest film set there is, created purely for the pleasure of the Presence of Love who is experiencing life. All you need to do is remember that it is the Presence experiencing life. As it is written:

“Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him. ” (Isaiah 43: 7)

EJ: Could you give me an example of a way one can be fooled by appearances.

V: Why don’t you relate an experience on the bus about falling, that is a good example.

EJ: I’m about to get off a bus. The bus stops suddenly. I’ve got nothing to hold on to. I can feel myself about to fall flat on my face , but I feel an “invisible hand” steady me up. At that moment gravity doesn’t exist.

V: You’re right, gravity doesn’t exist. It was the Presence that you are that stopped you from falling. If you were really taken in by the stage set you would have fallen as that is what is expected of you. Your real self, the Presence, has no form, no mass and is everywhere. Can the Presence fall? It is an impossibility. To think that the Presence can fall is absurd.

EJ: Yes when you put it that way I think it is absurd that I could even think I could fall. Another example?

V: OK you’re experiencing pain in your body. To experience a sensation of any sort is trying to distract you into the belief that you are the form, that you are human. You reverse the experience by realising you are the Presence of Love which experiences no sensations. It doesn’t mean you don’t feel joy or pleasure. You can experience joy as a Presence. You’re so used to experiencing reality as a form, I suggest you experiment with experiencing reality as a Presence.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, know that it is the Presence -formless love, bliss, truth – experiencing reality. If you’re in a state when you feel fear, reverse it by realising that it is the Presence that is experiencing life and see what happens. I will guarantee you that you will feel immense love. Why? Because Love can only love and feel joy.

EJ: So what you’re saying is life is a constant remembering that it is the Presence experiencing life; and when you remember, reality changes accordingly.

V: Correct. If you were not having this experience as form, there wouldn’t be a need to be constantly remembering who you are. Forms have a tendency to distract you from Reality. You’re bombarded everywhere by images, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes. The moment you’re distracted by form consciousness, you forget who you are. Self-realisation, in whatever reality you are in, is a constant remembering of who you are. It is simply realising that it is the Presence that is experiencing life and is in forms. While you can appreciate the beauty of things you realise that it is the Presence that has brought the thing to you to experience only and you are not distracted by appearances.

EJ: I’m experiencing a sense of lack in the form of illness, lack of finances and depression. How do I apply the knowledge of the Presence?

V: By realising that it is the Presence of Love, your real self/personality that is experiencing life. The Presence is radiant health, abundance, harmony, and bliss. Can the Presence experience what it is not?

EJ: What if you remember who you are and still the situation remains the same?

V: The situation is not changing because you’re clinging to the form and being deceived by appearances. Don’t try to change anything. Simply realise that you are the Presence of Love and trust in the Presence’s way of expressing reality.

EJ: Expressing reality?

V: Life is a constant process of creation; creation is the Presence’s attempt at expressing reality. A friend tries to express his love to you and gives you flowers. Flowers are his attempt at expressing love. Flowers are not love. Writing this dialogue is an attempt at expressing truth. The words are not Truth. Sitting in a chair is your attempt at expressing comfort. A chair is not comfort.

EJ: Got you. Back to the state of lack, I take it this state is not sent as a test from the Presence?

V: Another absurdity! I can only experience all that is good. I test no man. The test you think you’re experiencing is based on your distorted view of reality. The test is due to the fact that you believe yourself to be human instead of realising that it is the Presence of Love expressing life as human.

You see, trust has a lot to do with experiencing the Presence of Love that you are. You can’t experience the Presence in a tangible, physical way so you doubt Its existence. You can’t see joy though you can feel it right?

EJ: Yes I can feel joy.

V: The Presence can only be experienced through a feeling, but not in the human sense of feelings. It is not a sense of feeling joyful one moment and depressed the next. Love is a tangible presence that is felt as a feeling that cannot be measured, it is a knowing, a silent knowing. You simply know the Presence exists and watch as it attempts to express itself as a visible manifestation. I have already given you examples of how this occurs.

EJ: Cool!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. ” (James 1: 17)

V: Before we end this dialogue, which never ends by the way, it is an ongoing dialogue in silence; a word about your nature.

Your nature is all good. This good includes all intelligence, power, love, freedom, will, harmony, bliss, immortality and abundance. You do not have to do anything to earn them, they are yours. You do not have to evolve to them, they are yours. There are many schools who teach that students evolve from a human personality to the spiritual personality whereby the higher forms of intelligence are activated. This is simply not true. You are infinite intelligence now. If you’re not experiencing what you are it is because you are identifying yourself as “only human” who needs to go through trials and tribulations. You are the Presence of Love, now. You have always been and will always be the Presence of Love, though you are expressing the Presence as human.

EJ: So humanity is really the expression of the Presence of Love, right?

V: Not quite. When you think of yourself as human, you experience the beliefs humanity holds about reality. When you know yourself as the Presence of Love, you realise that the human experience is only one way the Presence of Love. expresses Self. There are infinite ways the Presence expresses Self. This is why it is so limiting to identify yourself as “only human.”

EJ: Final question. Tell me, who is speaking these words right now?

V: The Presence of Love, your right Mind, the Mind that is forever reminding you of who you are, the Voice of the Silence. I am You.

EJ: Thank you, me.

V: Thank you, You.

I am the Presence of Love,