Aug 192004

“There are many languages spoken by things,” the boy [Santiago] said. “There was a time when, for me, a camel’s whinnying was nothing more than whinnying. Then it became a signal for danger. And finally, it became just a whinny again.” (p. 144, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho)

I have written in the past about when the Inner Voice advised me to make a shift from a paradigm of not knowing and needing to create experiences to learn lessons, to the paradigm of knowing I know and experiencing my joy. I followed the Voice’s advice. And yet I still enjoy reading other people’s stuff; and I like sharing what I experience. Why?

I like reading other people’s materials because they are mirrors of what I already know. Yesterday, I went past a building that had the word “Solar.” I think I’ve seen this many times but for some reason I played around with the word “Solar” and thought of Solaris. I came across a book yesterday that talks about “Solarians” in terms of the multidimensional self existing everywhere. I can’t recall the book’s title now, but it was interesting how I was ‘guided’ to open a page at random and it reflected my thoughts.

As regards sharing, I see my work as information, just like there is unlimited data on the Internet. I am only writing from experience, my version of the truth, which makes no impact on Infinity. If, however, what I share encourages others to trust in their Inner Wisdom, that’s good. The way I see life, every moment I’m faced with Infinity. Every day is an opportunity to unfold more of myself. It doesn’t mean what I’m unfolding didn’t exist before. Self has always existed but in the human experience I’m unfolding as much as Self as I am able to receive, yet at every moment I am Infinity.

On my way home yesterday, I went into a state, rather like a trance, where I felt like a different person. I was the fullness of who I am and it was so vast I couldn’t understand things around me, they just seemed pointless. I was in that state but trying to sort out practical things like getting a bus. There was a point when I had to wait for ages and I got a bit frustrated and accused Self of keeping me waiting. I was switching from the self with the human masks and concerns to the Self with none. The Voice said my needs were being taken into account. I presumed Self was trying to match all the buses I needed for my journey home. I was vaguely aware that my mother had some friends coming round and I wanted to give her some privacy. When I got home my mother told me her guests had just left. Apparently they arrived a lot later than expected. It made sense why there had been all those delays, it was Self’s way of creating what was good for all. But Self was so far removed I couldn’t understand Her/My ways.

Back to the topic in hand. My writings are not to instruct others how to live their lives. I’m sharing ideas based on my opinions and what I understand to be truth as I am unfolding Truth. I can’t stop people treating my writing as teachings if that is their reality. I know there are people who will see my work as interesting information only, just as there are lots of interesting info on the Web. There are others who will see my work as the rantings and ravings of a lunatic. Each to their own, I say. :-)

So as Santiago muses about the “language spoken by things,” a thing is what you make of it. A whinny is a whinny or it can be a warning signal. It rather depends on where an individual is coming from. In a world of infinite possibilities, all interpretations are possible.

But just for the record I share because it is fun. It’s up to you to read what you want into my stories.

I am the Storyteller,
Love Enocia

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