Aug 262004

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.” (Mark Twain)

Have you ever started a relationship with someone and made a conscious decision to only accept the person as he is right at this moment? How many people do this? You want to know what the other has been doing, what makes him tick, get to know his personality. In truth, getting to know one’s personality has nothing to do with who the person is, rather, it is a yardstick measured against what you have experienced in the past and then coming to a conclusion of what the other is. Imagine a reality where you only care about what is happening now. Imagine a reality where there is no memory. What would the world be like? Is this possible in the human realm, or am I being unrealistic?

In last night’s 200 metres semi-finals of the Olympics, the British athlete didn’t make it to the finals. When he was interviewed he talked about a recurring injury he’d been struggling with, despite having access to 12 hours of ongoing therapy. He said he tried his best but he believed the injury had got the better of him. One commentator said the athlete was being unrealistic as it usually takes time for someone to recover from a hamstring injury.

Now if there’s anything that pisses me off, it is the constant barrage of lies. So what if the athlete had an injury? Does this mean the injury has to last for weeks and have to influence his performance? Is it so unrealistic to expect instant healing? I don’t blame the commentator really, he’s simply following the mortal programme of what is expected of humans. Mortals are creatures of time and so they expect results in time, not instantly. They also project what is happening in the present to an imaginary future. Healing is instant, but its manifestation depends on one’s expectation. You have an injury and you instantly project the moment into the future. You imagine yourself limping around for days. Others reinforce this belief based on what they know to be reality, that it takes time to heal. What chance is there for instant healing? Your expectation is blocking it.

Why do we have this programme that tells us things have to take time? Because humans are unable to see what is happening in the present. A simple act of looking at yourself in the mirror is a lie. What you are seeing of yourself is a memory of who you are, not who you are. An individual who can see auras has more of an idea what humans looks like, but even that is an infinitesimal part of who we really are. We are infinite, multidimensional, beings. You cannot “see” the whole of someone’s aura, you simply have to know that You exist in all space and have always existed. I know myself as Light that is in all.

As humans, we are only seeing what is in the past and not what is occurring in the present. Take the world we experience. By the time you get an idea of what you’re looking at, you’re a second or so behind what is actually happening. It is said snakes use their forked-tongues as receptors to sense what is around them and this is how they catch their prey. Humans are like snakes with their forked-tongues flicking in and out trying to sense what images are being transmitted from the ether which are translated as pictures, sounds, tastes, smells and feelings. Is it any wonder why in the creation allegory in the Bible, it is written that Adam and Eve were tempted by a serpent to eat of the “tree of knowledge of good and evil?” The serpent represents the senses. If you trust in the senses you’re never getting an accurate picture of what is, but a memory of what things are. Two people can walk in a room and appear to see the same thing but when asked to describe what they’ve seen, they will have different descriptions based on memory.

Another reason why humans cannot perceive reality as it is is because what is happening is occurring too fast for the human mind to process. Let’s say that the subconscious mind can only process 70,000 bits of information per second; and what is being received from Spirit is infinite bits per second. How do you make up this huge discrepancy? The only way is you have to be able to process information at the same speed in order for there to be accuracy. So even when one is channelling information from Source, you’re simply trying to interpret what you’re receiving and it’s never going to be accurate. To be accurate you have to be at one with Source.

Recently on my way home I’ve been playing a game of trying to predict how long it will take for my last bus to arrive. The last time, I got the impression of 50:50, which meant that it would take me 5 minutes to wait, but if I walked I would arrive at the same time as the bus. I decided to walk and when I arrived at the last stop, the bus was right behind me. Who exactly is making these predictions? Me, who else? The way it works is since I know I exist everywhere I try to bring this information into consciousness and then translate this data into a time/space framework. I’ve been right a lot of the time but sometimes I’m off the mark, depending on what expectations I’ve put in the way.

Is it possible to experience reality as it is rather than what we are told it is? I believe to experience the present is to know what your essence is and live as that essence. This essence is Love. Say someone does something that makes you angry. The tendency is for one to either hit back or bear a grudge. A grudge exists in time. What usually happens is you imagine yourself doing such and such with the grudge keeping you company, which also clouds your judgment. Or you could nip it in the bud right now by doing the exact opposite. When someone expects you to be angry or for you to bear a grudge, love them instead. It is not what is expected of you. The “programme” dictates that actions evoke emotions which keeps you stuck in time. Love releases you from getting sucked into emotional stuff. Love, love, love. You could also bless the other with love. It doesn’t matter if the other wants to wallow in self-pity, at least you would be released from time to be the love that you are, which is timeless.

Another way I get out of time is by being in Silence, in a state of non-judgment. So when I see anyone and I’m not judging him and putting labels on him based on beliefs or memory, I’m actually experiencing the essence of the person, which is Love. As I was pondering over this article while on the bus, I heard this baby trying to sing the nursery rhyme, “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” The baby couldn’t form the words properly but I still recognised the tune. The words sounded like “bwa bwa, bwack sweep… and it was hilarious. The baby’s song was lacking in form. I would imagine she had no idea what the words meant and yet she was experiencing the joy of singing. This is what happens when I see another without labels and judgments, the other is reduced to the formless essence of love.

As I live as the essence, the essence takes a life of its own. It is the essence of Love that is experiencing life. Last night I was enjoying the American comedy “Sex and the City.” I was also aware that the ringing in my ears, which I attribute to the voice of Silence, was getting strongerand stronger. My mother was sitting beside me. I suddenly had this urge to ask her what I thought was the most illogical question.

“Mum, can you hear anything?”
“Like what? I’ve been hearing a high pitch ping, if that’s what you mean.”
“Yes, that’s it.”

I was very excited. I’ve heard the voice of silence within but I have never experienced it as an “external” moment that another can experience at the same time. Mum said she’d been hearing the same sound and thought it was just her hearing things. The sound wasn’t a physical sound but the inner sound. We sat in silence listening to the high pitch sound until my mother said hers was getting fainter and she couldn’t hear it anymore. The sound is still with me.

Life for me is about being the Presence of Love. In that space I can experience reality as it is – timeless.

I am Love,