Aug 312004

To blank someone is to ignore the other or treat her as if she is not there. The one being blanked usually feels as if the other is staring right past or through her. Some people find being blanked upsetting. I’m here to tell you that you should never be upset when you’re blanked, on the contrary you should be grateful.

In my view, to blank someone or something is to reduce the person or thing to the formless, which is devoid of all concepts. When someone or thing has been reduced to the formless you are actually experiencing what the other is in essence – love. And I find that blanking helps me to stop labelling, judging or being drawn into the world of forms. Blanking is another meditation strategy I use when I’m out there in the world. It makes my bus journeys so much fun because I can stare out of the window and look at people and things and completely blank them, see them for what they truly are.

Blanking is like carrying a phaser gun à la Star Trek, and this weapon dematerialises everything I see, feel, taste, smell and hear – reducing them to the formless. There’s much written, for instance, about Light Workers bringing in more energy in order to raise the vibration of earth etc. Well, blanking is a bit like this when the environment is reduced to love. You are not bringing in more love, since love is infinite; you are simply animating the love that is already present. In fact, if everyone went round blanking everyone else, there would be instant peace and abundance in the world, because blanking also removes limiting beliefs of fear and lack. Unfortunately, there has to be a consensus for this to occur. The good news is while one person cannot change people’s way of relating to the world, the consensus cannot prevent one from becoming formless. While the majority can continue to see the world as forms, concepts which are believed to be immutable, I can see reality for what it is – formless.

Another reason why I use this technique is to remind me that I do not have a body, at least not in the way that I appear as EJ. I am formless love.

Speaking of not having a body, a few days ago I had a migraine attack. I was quite taken aback as I haven’t had it for ages. It started off with me losing sight in one eye and I knew what was coming. I decided to act normal, take a bath and not pay any attention to it. In the meantime the old migraine “programme” kicked in. I was reminded that after my vision clears up it will be followed by the migraine which will take time to heal. I was even tempted to project what was happening right then to a few days in the future, which used to be the case when I would have the symptoms for a few days. By the time I’d finished my bath my sight had cleared and then there was the “inevitable” thud. I went to lie down and meditate. The Inner Voice said: “How can you have a headache when you have no head?” It was such an absurd statement that I silently chuckled, if that is at all possible. And before you think I’ve lost the plot, Spirit was reminding me that what I experience depends on how I identify myself. If I see myself as human, then I’m lumbered with the headache which is a manifestation of my beliefs or beliefs from the collective consciousness. On the other hand, I could know the truth of who I am, that I am the Formless One, which has no body as it is infinite and omnipresent. The One without a body does not have a head for it to hurt. I was instantly healed. In effect, I had blanked my little self out thus reversing the symptoms.

In my opinion, blanking someone is good for me, good for the other and good for the universe. I dream of a world where we can all go about blanking each other with the intention of reducing one another to the Formless Spirit that we all are.

If I ever have cause to blank you, please do not take it personally.

I am the Formless One,