Aug 202004

I love observing how humans react to things. There are many collective beliefs people share, yet there are some people reject. Why is this the case?

I’ve written many times that I travel by bus in London. From time to time I come across young kids. During school term and if I’m travelling between the hours 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm, I see many of them in their school uniforms. Some even travel on the tube (underground/subway).

If kids are using public facilities why is it people are not going around complaining of lice? Yes, lice, you know those pests that infect young kids?

There was a time when I was infested with lice. I used to catch all manner of diseases and bring them home so I could share them with my brothers and cousins. When I had lice my aunt shaved my head, which was most embarrassing.

There is a point when some kids catch lice from others at school. Why is it that adults don’t suffer from lice? Because adults attribute lice to one of those childhood diseases, unless you are the parents of kids with lice. Even so, if these parents have lice and are in public places, how come as adults we don’t catch them? It’s all about belief. We have this belief that it is impossible for grown-ups to have lice and so we don’t. It doesn’t mean those insects don’t exist, it’s because grown-ups “bury their heads under the sand;” as far as grown-ups are concerned, lice have no existence.

There is a pancake restaurant in central London a friend used to take me to years ago. I’ve seen restaurants of various cuisines start up and before you know it they’ve got franchises everywhere and have become very popular. Yet this restaurant has never quite caught on. Whenever I drive past it, it’s practically empty. Why? Because pancakes are not a British thing. The only time we pay attention to pancakes is on Shrove Tuesday when people make pancakes. Even so, it’s more for kids’ benefits. Pancakes are not part of the British culture so you don’t see many restaurants that specialise in pancakes. It would seem that Brits have not bought into the pancake belief.

Another belief the British have resisted is iced tea. The British have a tradition of drinking hot tea with milk; but iced tea, no way! Tea comes from a teapot, not a fridge! They’ve tried to bring in iced tea through the back door by selling them as soft drinks. I’ve tried them and they’re OK, but there’s nothing like a hot cup of tea. So this is another belief the Brits have resisted. Who can blame them? :-)

There are some beliefs, however, that have caught on. The latest fad is women with big butts, thanks to a famous Hollywood singer/actress. There’s a billboard at the moment advertising mobile phones I think (but don’t quote me on that), with a woman in swimwear with big butts. We can’t see her face of course, as her face is irrelevant, but she looks tanned. They’re also currently running an ad campaign on television for a car that shows men and women shaking their butts. The lyrics to the accompanying music goes: “I see you baby, shaking that arse, shaking that arse…” Apparently the car has a nice rounded butt. So the “powers that be” are trying to programme us with the belief that “big butts are acceptable.” I daresay, as more and more women buy into this belief, you’ll see their bodies changing to match this belief; and it will have nothing to do with genetics.

What about all this talk that humanity is becoming one and we are accepting of other people’s cultures and beliefs? This is true to a certain extent as, in some parts of the world, we seem to co-exist harmoniously. On the other hand, how come we still have different races? How come we haven’t inter-married and merged into one hue? Because people prefer their own type. Whites date whites; blacks date blacks; ditto Asians and Orientals. I guess if you’re living in a country with your own type you’re unlikely to look elsewhere.

I was very much into dating my own kind in the past – my black “brothers.” The irony was the more I insisted on dating only black men, the more white guys were attracted to me. Who says God hasn’t got a sense of humour? It’s interesting that even when I lived in Africa, I had this knowing of one day marrying a man who is living as a Caucasian. I know it’s going to happen. Over the years the majority of guys I’ve gone out with have been white. Now I know that my partner has to be like me, who knows he’s Spirit. There are other important factors to take into consideration of course like: he’s got to be slim, tall and be silly, gross silliness is a requirement, otherwise forget it. :-)

So it has been my observation that beliefs that influence society are those that are accepted as the norm. The moment people start to resist particular beliefs, they disappear like a puff of smoke.

When it comes down to the basics, does eating pancakes bring me lasting joy? No.

Will my life have more meaning if I had a bigger butt? Yes. Maybe. I don’t know. Only kidding, of course not!

Does it matter who I have a relationship with and will it make me truly happy? Yes, as long as he’s 6 ft tall. Seriously, I am already complete and happy, so it makes no real difference. Honest. :-)

Beliefs have no foundation, they come and go. What is sustained is Truth which is beyond beliefs. As Isaiah puts it:

“The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God [Truth] shall stand for ever.” (Isaiah 40: 8 )

Beliefs are ephemeral; the Truth of who I am is for keeps.

I Am That I Am,