Sep 112004

I’m not the keeper of my holy mind; the Holy Spirit is.

It’s irresponsible of me to assume responsibility for thoughts that are not of God, and therefore are not real.

I choose what I believe to be true, but only when my choice is made under the guidance of the Holy Spirit will it result in happiness.

All my stray thoughts can simply be made undone by giving them over to the guardian of my mind.

The function of the Holy Spirit is to reinterpret every thought that isn’t real in the light of perfect love, which will be its undoing.

I am of God, and so my responsibility is to co-create by sharing His reality.

Being willing to share only God’s reality with everyone is forgiveness.

Forgiveness makes me accessible to the Atonement, which is the healing of the mind and thereby restores God’s Children to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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