Sep 172004

I’m here to learn, by teaching what I’ve chosen to believe. The teaching or demonstration itself is unavoidable, the belief is not.

My perception depends on the cobwebs in my mind. Without a structure of ideas perception is impossible. Reality doesn’t need any structure to hold it together, but separation cannot exist without it. This structure is belief. Therefore, whatever I believe to be true is what I perceive and experience.

Through my actions and reactions I demonstrate what I believe. That is my teaching. It’s automatic, and in our interaction others will automatically teach me what they learn from me. This mutual experience further strengthens my belief. Since everything is an idea and ideas only grow stronger by sharing them, I always receive what I give, and what I share I keep.

I’m the one who has chosen this course. However, every moment again I find myself at a crossroads where I can choose to return home to God’s reality, or keep wandering through the mists of my own deluded thought. Sticking to a habit of thought is also a choice, because I don’t have to.

The choice between God’s reality and my own dream of separation is the only choice I can make with a free will. At this level of awareness I’m not yet involved in the dream, and still have the complete freedom of reality. This freedom cannot be experienced when I choose the limitations of my own making, which includes the whole universe and any other idea of separation. Yet, this preordained ‘trail of tears’ is what I’ve chosen by free will.

In God’s reality any choice is irrelevant because there’s nothing else. At His level to will is to create, and there’s no limit to the freedom of His will. Because I’m an expansion of His will, His will is also my real will. The rest is vanity.

If I do not choose to return to the freedom of God’s will, I have no real choice left either, because the ideas I make up for myself are not an expansion of God’s reality and therefore do not exist, nor do my wishes based on these ideas. Wishful thinking doesn’t accomplish anything in reality. “Your will be done, not mine” is an acknowledgment of this fact.

So, choice is the illusion of a mind divided against itself, and only when a return to reality is chosen does the mind let go of everything unreal. What’s left, then, is a true expansion of God’s will, the only free will that exists.

As long as I see myself as a person, separate from others, separate from God, it’s no use asking the age-old question of whether I have free will. In this frame of mind I don’t, but I can change that any moment if it’s my will to do so.

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