Sep 122004

For me, a loving and kind attitude, leading to caring actions, day-in and day-out is practical and spiritual.

My New Year’s resolution each year is the same: Be kind.

Kindness stems from feeling empathy, then acting with compassion – acting with heightened energy, as I would if the outcome was to only be in my interest.

Loving all – being kind to all – is how I keep feeling in communion with all. And not just in the spiritual sense.

Loving all, caring about everyone I come in contact with, plus everyone known and unknown to me, comes under my umbrella of spiritual love.

I feel a spiritual connection when I radiate and project positive and harmonious thoughts and feelings, and when holding the creation within the Holy Vibration during my prayers and meditations.

I find love for all the way I experience unbroken spirituality; it keeps me feeling and interacting in harmony and uplifted, moment to moment to moment.


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