Sep 112004

A prayer and meditation to develop peace in ourselves, lest we not forget those events that set us on the accelerated path in our efforts toward ‘world peace’.

Prayer of Peace and Love

“In Peace and Love I walk today,
content to follow in Your ways.
Light and life your way does shine,
and as I walk You’re ever mine.”

Meditation for Peace

Sitting comfortably, wherever you may be, close your eyes for a few moments or minutes. Begin to calm and center your thoughts by doing even, regular breathing such as: counts 1, 2, breathe in; counts 3, 4, breathe out and continue.

After a minute let the conscious counting go but continue to breathe evenly. Now take some time to think about ways to make your own life more peaceful. What is one way to be kinder toward others?

Make an affirmation to be a beacon of caring light that others may want find their lives lightened by your kindness. Remember – personal peace multiplied equals planetary peace.

Finish the meditation by taking a deep breath – uplifted, relaxed, refreshed.


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