Sep 152004

Rejection, exclusion – separation from what we want, or the status quo.

Being rejected makes us feel bad. And, rejecting others makes them feel bad.

It is a cycle that can snowball if unchecked: Being rejected – rejecting others – being rejected by them – rejecting still others, on and on.

We can escape the cycle of being rejected and rejecting others by developing compassion.

Compassion for how rejection feels, stops us in our tracks when we want to get our own way, regardless of the impact on others.

Compassion is putting ourselves in others’ shoes, and remembering how we would want to be treated in the same circumstances.

It gives others the space to shine. And in the beautiful gift of our compassion, we feel and experience a softening in our relationships coming and going.

Rejection transformed by compassion
Interwoven in all interactions.

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  3 Responses to “Transforming Rejection”

  1. What if you have exhausted all avenues and try your best and you are still caused a f*** this and that!
    I do so much for my husband all the time and now I have become quiet and say the least. I loved him so dearly but he has become rather evil and cruel with his words and my heart has gone cold.

  2. I was delighted to dicover your website looking forward to visiting it every day

  3. Forgiveness is the ultimate test for each of us. It is what gives us peace of mind. That said, no one says you must put up with abuse. You can forgive from afar if that is how you need to take care of yourself. Blessings, Susan