Sep 172004

I’m on a bus again…altogether now…..Not another bus story! :-)

I’m riding on a bus. I have my eyes closed. I am enjoying being in silence. Someone has just sat in front of me. He’s listening to his radio at full blast. I glare at him, willing him to turn the volume down or switch it off. Oh, let him have his fun! Who makes the rules up anyway? Why can’t a man enjoy music wherever and whenever he chooses? Besides, if buses were meant to be peaceful, man wouldn’t have invented mobile phones!

It also occurred to me at the time that to deny the man his good – listening to music – was to deny my good. I expect to have a good time doing what I love, why shouldn’t he, or anyone else for that matter?

The first time I lived with my mother, years back, I was in a “space” where I was constantly watching my thoughts and monitoring other people’s thoughts. She would say something and I would remind her of the effects of those thoughts. I also wondered why she read newspapers when there was so much rubbish in them. I now realise that there was that part in me, the cultural critic who is forever analysing stuff, who was projecting that reality on to her. The poor woman felt guilty reading newspapers. That was nothing! If I was so hard on my mother, imagine how hard I was on myself! Those were heady days of a woman trying to change the world!

My mother and I parted company for a while and a few months ago we started living together again. Guess who buys her daily newspaper? Moi. What changed? I still think the newspaper is full of – to use an appropriate euphemism – untruth. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But hey, my mother loves the entertainment and I let her have her fun. What really changed is that I have given myself permission to be myself, express my truth, and live my joy. As I live my joy, I allow others to live theirs.

A while back, while I was using the Internet, a man asked me how he could get news in Chinese. He wanted to try CNN but they didn’t have it in Chinese. There was this voice, that’s barely a whisper, telling me I shouldn’t be showing someone access to the news. I ignored the voice. I suggested he tried the good old BBC and he found what he was looking for. You should have seen the joy on that man’s face when he was able to read what he wanted in his own native tongue! It makes me smile now when I think about him. :-)

What about the truth? Surely it is your responsibility to point out the truth to your spiritual brother and sister? I think it’s a matter of trust. I trust in the goodness in man to guide him to be good. I trust in the power of love which is the nature of us all. Most of all, I trust in myself to make the right decisions and live my truth, as I know how to, in every moment.

As I trust in Self, who has always been patient with me when I have resisted, and is forever loving me and showing me the way, I also trust in others to unfold in their own time and in their own way. Every moment is another opportunity for us to choose to be the Love that we are. If you are still resisting, there is always the next moment to choose again. I trust in the process.

So now I let people be. The best I can do is to live my truth and allow others to live theirs. Somewhere along the way we may agree or we might disagree. It really doesn’t matter.

I have every faith in humanity. I have faith in Me. I have faith in Love.

I am Love,