Oct 062004

I’m having a magical day. Actually, everyday is pure magic. I am sitting in a bookshop alternating between reading and snoozing. I feel the Silence all around me and within me. This Silence is magic. I am sitting near the Philosophy section. I marvel at the ideas that have originated from the Silence, from Plato to Foucault. I am the Silence within them, the place where all ideas originate. I swirl around these ideas enjoying being myself, silence. There is no place where you will not find me. I am Magic.

Across me is a woman looking at some cards. I wonder whether they are Tarot cards or the like. She’s so pretty. It will be so nice speaking to her. Beside her is a man looking at what looks like a huge tome. I wonder what he’s reading. He gets up and heads for the IT section.

I am re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s book “Stillness Speaks.” I read a section on death and dying. Back to snoozing.

The same woman across me is trying to attract someone’s attention at the other side of the bookshop. She tells me she can’t remember his name. I tell her she could run and catch up and I will look after her things. She decides she won’t bother as she’s enjoying being by herself. She comes over and shows me the cards she’s been looking at. They are Angel cards. She tells me she recently lost her father. We talk for a few minutes. I tell her that her father is right there with her in the Stillness. We exchange “God bless you’s.” The man with the IT tome is now sitting beside me. He’s been reading about programming. He shows me his book which has lots of colours that make it easy to read. Soon, it’s time for me to leave. I’ve enjoyed myself. Magic!

I’m on the bus. We’re driving via Piccadilly Circus on a Saturday evening. I marvel at the lights and crowds of people outside the theatre and cinemas. I notice two men on the pavement staring up at me. They wave at me. I wave back. Pure magic!

Right beside me is a young man. I can see his reflection on the bus window and he looks rather yummy. It will be so lovely chatting to him, so I can see his face properly. A few minutes later he asks me whether I know my way around this part of London. I tell him I do. He asks where a theatre is located as he’s supposed to meet his friends outside. I don’t know where the theatre is but I have a good chat with him. And boy, was he cute. Magic!

I get off the bus outside a theatre. I have no idea what is showing but I notice a word describing the show: “Magic.”

My next bus arrives in seconds, no waiting. Magic!

When I arrive home my mother tells me she’s had a magical day. Earlier, she decided to visit some friends out of London as her friend’s husband is very ill and about to be put into a residential home. She had an errand to run which would have delayed her journey, but I offered to do it for her. Mum said when she arrived at her friend’s house, they were just about to take her husband to the home. Apparently, the carers arrived an hour earlier but the transport wasn’t suitable. They had to arrange for another ambulance, which took time. My mother would have missed her friends if the ambulance had arrived early. She arrived at the right time to accompany her friends to the home where she spent time with her friends before coming back to London. Everything happened perfectly. Magic!

I’m relaxing watching television. The pop star, Barry Manilow, is performing all his hits. He’s singing one of my favourites: “Could it be Magic?” It certainly is.

Everyday is a magical day. Within the Silence is pure magic.

May you be blessed with Magic!
Love Enocia