Oct 082004

There is a paradigm of reality where the world as we know it is perceived and experienced as Mind producing various thought-forms. Everything is a thought-form. The various thought-forms or creations have different bodies depending on the context of experience, yet the essence is the same – Mind stuff.

There are various types of thought-forms and some appear visible to the senses while others are perceived only through Mind, by visualisation or imagination.

This sounds plausible to me since with every experience you have an idea which is projected outward and manifested as a form, depending on one’s belief. If you believe you have to do such and such to achieve a goal, this is how the thought-form will appear. If you have a belief that you only need to have an idea and the resulting thought-form is manifested, that is your experience.

In this paradigm, Mind is both the Thinker and substance of all thought-forms. So, when you are thinking you are being Mind. When you are doing whatever is needed to bring “life” to the idea, you are creating with Mind. A car, for instance, starts off as an idea which is developed in a manufacturing plant to produce thousands of duplicate thought-forms. The whole process of manufacturing – Mind in action – involves people thought-forms, machine thought-forms, and ideas thought-forms to produce car thought-forms. Or you could manifest a car thought-form without going through the rigmarole of production.

I reckon if you can manifest a car thought-form, why not teleport yourself to your destination instead? Maybe, I use buses because I don’t believe yet in Mind to teleport me. Actually, I believe I am omnipresent, therefore, teleportation is meaningless. I reckon the belief I need to develop is how to make multiple Enocia’s that can appear visible to the senses as and when. Right now, I can sometimes sense when someone is thinking of me. (Not all thoughts come through, of course, as I have an internal spam-guard). So, if I can sense someone is thinking about me it can only mean one thing – that I must create invisible body thought-forms. Now that’s progress. 😉

What was my point again? Aha…

Recently, I was pondering the idea of the universe as a thought form. I was on the bus at the time. (OK I admit it, I do nothing but travel on buses). :-) I pressed the bell for the driver to let me off, but he drove off. I went to the driver and demanded to know why he hadn’t stopped. He said I had pressed the bell too late. I told him I hadn’t. I didn’t want to get into an argument, besides, the next stop was fine with me.

The next day, on another bus, I was about to get off the same bus stop. This time, there were two other passengers wanting to get off at the same stop. I had a brief glimpse, in thought, of myself the previous night trying to get off the bus. The driver sped off and didn’t let us out until the next stop. We stared at each other in amazement. One passenger asked me: “Why didn’t he stop? We pressed the bell, why didn’t he stop?” I shrugged. I had an idea. When I got a glimpse of myself as a memory thought-form the night before (when the driver had not stopped), is it possible I had unwittingly animated that thought-form? Could that animated thought-form have distracted the driver into believing no one had pressed the bell, when three passengers had? Or was I thinking too much? :-)

As I walked home the rest of the way, I pondered over the thought-forms and ideas that are still with us, appearing to be dormant. And yet, they can be activated at any moment. People who seem to have “passed away” are still with us as invisible thought-forms. Some might call this type of “seeing” clairvoyance or mediumship. How many thought-forms are out there influencing what we say or do?

When I studied theosophy and energy healing, I learned about various types of invisible thought forms and elementals. There are personal thought-forms and there are collective consciousness thought-forms. Personal thought-forms can be desires, beliefs and memories; while collective thought-forms are various beliefs people share that influence the way they experience the universe. There are religious or spiritual beliefs thought-forms. There are political, philosophical, psychological, or scientific beliefs thought-forms. There are hereditary beliefs thought-forms. There are cultural beliefs thought-forms. There are ETs and UFOs thought-forms. There are various species thought-forms which makes one act as a particular animal or species. There are even shared fears thought-forms.

These collective thought-forms come to life as long as they are being energised, otherwise, they lie inert in Mind. When these thought-forms are in action they react without judgment. If you tap into a belief you experience the relevant thought-form as truth without judgment, in the same way the Internet gives you information without question. Thus, thought-forms are neither good/bad it is how you use them that counts.

How do you avoid being influenced by collective beliefs thought-forms? By disconnecting from all thought-forms and creating your own thought-forms. It could be that you create a thought-form of an entity that is all loving, wise and good that acts as your guide. Imagine what it’s like to be free of all thought-forms and having infinite Mind stuff to play with! All things are possible when you know how to create and use thought-forms and believe in thought-forms.

I have to say, I like the idea of the Universe as Mind stuff. It is a paradigm that is filled with infinite possibilities.

All my Love,
TF Enocia

  3 Responses to “Thought-Forms”

  1. I have read your article and agree with you.I like the idea that we can create in the mind stuff.I think the old witchy idea of spells could be on the same line.Its wonderfull to think we can create a better life conditions for ourselves and erase negative life conditons.
    N.Z January 2009

  2. Thank you so much for your comments, Owen.

    All the very best to you.


  3. Very nice comments i think in this logical thinking world. thet believe in physcical reality but it is true mind has power .again it is true who controls us we orour thought or telepatic direction given by some body else. When you study more finally we understand it is gods world. nature world or divine world.