Nov 042004

I have observed that telepathy is very natural. To be adept at telepathy takes lots of observation and practise.

We tend to think of telepathy as someone apart from you sending a thought to you which you try to pick up. To be able to read another’s thought one has to be coming from the premise that we are all separate. I appear to be separate. I feel like a unique entity with my own thoughts and desires. On the other hand, I have had many experiences that suggests that there is only one thinker. Is there only one thinker? Are there many of us thinking? Or is it the one thinker thinking as the many? How do you get around this paradox?

I believe both statements are true. The one is appearing as the many. I, as part of the many, am a microcosm of the One. What the One has, the many has. The One is like the Internet while the many in forms represent different users tapping into the Internet. A user can either has his own interpretation/reality of the Internet or can share a collective reality of the Internet. Thus, I need not concern myself with what the many are doing. I am only concerned with what I am doing.

One thing I know is that I am omnipresent, i.e. I see myself as existing in every time and space. How can I be omnipresent when there is only one Enocia sitting right here typing this article. Let’s look at it this way. In 3-D reality, the closer you are to a fire, the hotter you become. As you move further away from the flame, you reach a point when you can no longer feel the heat, yet you are still aware that the flame still exists. I like to see my real self, Enocia, as representing the central flame. The parts of me that can’t feel the flame are parts of me that are omnipresent. In other words, to be omnipresent is to have awareness of one’s presence; awareness of the flame. And what is true for me is true for the many.

What does all this have to do with telepathy? Since everyone is omnipresent, it means wherever I am there is awareness of myself and awareness of the many. Every moment contains the potential to read someone’s thoughts. It matters not what is going on with the other, I can still get an updated version right where I am.

I experience different types of telepathy: from picking up my emails remotely to channelling information from books or the Internet. I have found that in order for me to read telepathic messages, I need to know how to interpret the messages. I find symbols very useful.

Enocia is a symbol for who I am but Enocia is not who I am. Names remind me of people. I also use other symbols to represent friends and family such as the name of a place, pub, car or whatever; something I can work with.

The other day I noticed a pub I hadn’t seen before. The name of the pub was the same as my friend’s former married name. I knew there was a reason why I was thinking of her and her ex-husband right at that moment. When I went to pick up my email, there was an email from her. She even made reference to her ex-husband. I had been reading her email telepathically.

Two days ago, I noticed a little basket my mother has. Her aunt, who passed away two years ago, actually weaved it and had given it to my mother as a gift. Why was I thinking of her right at that moment? My cousin, the deceased woman’s daughter, paid my mother and I an unexpected visit that evening. It would seem I had picked up on her intention.

Recently, I noticed a particular friend’s name popping up all over the place. One morning a van with my friend’s name drove by. When I went to collect my email, I found an email from another friend with the same name. My friend said he’d been thinking about me from time to time and sending nice thoughts my way. No wonder I had noticed his name but had attributed it to another friend. The lesson here is that I should ensure that everyone I know has their own unique symbol to avoid confusion.

Just recently, I walked by a man who reminded me of my cousin. For a moment it was as if my cousin was standing right there. Later that day, I learned that my cousin was seriously ill. My mother had received the phone call about him (my cousin) at the same time I had seen my cousin’s face superimposed on that man’s face earlier.

Some telepathic messages I have picked up on have caused me to act in a particular way. A while back, I had an urge to reconfigure my laptop. Then I realised there was no logical reason why I should be doing this. I abandoned the task. The next day I read an email from a friend asking me how to configure her laptop. I had picked up her message and acted upon the thoughts as if they were my own.

Which leads to an interesting point. I have lost count of how many times I have picked up on someone’s thoughts, presuming I am the thinker. This is why it’s very important to be true to yourself. Someone might have a suggestion about something. Since you are open, you pick up on the idea and act upon the idea. You feel conflicted within: part of you thinks it’s a great idea while another part doesn’t like the idea at all. How do you resolve this conflict? How do you know what is your stuff?

Years ago during meditation I had the idea to read the Christian Science text book, “Science and Health.” Part of me thought I should pursue with the study and become a Christian Science practitioner while another part thought it wasn’t the right path for me, that I should take what I can from the book but not practise the religion or any religion for that matter. I got into a conflict. How could I be telling myself to study the book and then telling myself to move away from it? I had to ask myself what I really wanted. What did I really want out of life? I realised that I had made the right decision to read the book but it wasn’t right for me to become a Christian Scientist. I believe inner conflict is usually my way of telling myself that I am not being true to myself.

I find books and the Internet the most common ways I pick up on telepathic thoughts. Some might call this channelling. They happen in two ways: conscious and unconscious channelling. I would sit in silence for a while and then end up with tons of information, as if I’ve downloaded stuff from the Internet. Later, I would go to a bookshop and pick up a book I am drawn to and read the same information I had “downloaded” earlier. The information is always relevant to something I’m working on at the time. This is an example of unconscious channelling.

There are times when I consciously channel information. Once, I thought I would channel information about rejuvenation from the Ascended Masters Babaji and St Germain, who I’d heard lived for hundreds of years and still looked the same. I sat in silence and put the intent that I wished to have information from the two Ascended Masters. I promptly fell asleep. The next day I went to a bookshop. I picked up a book of channelled writings. In one chapter, a woman had channelled teachings from St Germain and Babaji about rejuvenation. Just what I needed.

How do I protect myself from information overload, which could result in inner conflict? There are two ways I achieve this. First, I put out the intent that I only attract information that pertains to my life choices. I am not likely to pick up email messages from people I don’t know, in the human sense of the word. Generally, only people I know telephone or email me, apart from the odd spam mails. Tuning out unwanted thoughts is like tuning into a television or satellite channel I wish to watch. The rest doesn’t concern me.

I have to bear in mind, however, that though I may not necessarily be interested in other information, it is imperative that I stay open. I need to be aware of stuff while at the same time not aware of stuff. One way I can have access to all information is by being in silence. Inner Silence is all wisdom. In silence, I am wisdom, yet, I am not overwhelmed as the information is being communicated in silence. If I wish to have information relevant to whatever I’m experiencing, I put out the intent and the silence transmutes itself into the needed material.

Finally, if I can pick up on thoughts at will, is there a way I can prevent people reading my thoughts. Yes there is. By being in silence. When I am not thinking there is nothing to pick up on, is there?

Telepathy is going round us all the time. It is our nature to be all knowing. It’s a matter of paying attention and staying open.

Most of all, telepathy is a lot of fun.

I am Wisdom

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  27 Responses to “Some Thoughts on Telepathy”

  1. Actually I was looking some information about the telepathy . I read abot it a little , and wanted to find a forum which could help me to answer if it really exist, ask other people about their experiences with it?
    I experienced it for a few times with my friend living in the northern Norway ( I live in Poland – so it’s a really long distance:-) It happened many times . One day I was intensively watching the baseball , and he wrote to me an e-mail in which he wrote that he likes baseball ( and when I checked the exact time when his e-mail was sent , it was just at the time!!!) , the other was with photos , many times it was the transmission of emotions – the positive and negative ones. But the most interesting was when his e-mail account has a defect and for a half he couldn’t receive any emails at his mailbox. When , thanks to my efforts , it was fixed ,I was really worried if he still checks it afyer so long time, one Saturday morning I focuse much and was thinking intensively and repeating in my mind for about 20 min his name and that I wrote e-mail to him and that he should check it – and to my amazemen , after 3 hours this very day after 6 months of silence he checked his mailbox and I received an email!!!
    My question , I thought the thelepathy is generally seen between relatives ( I have it also very often with my mother) , so why I have it with that friend of mine!!? He is Norwegian , I’m Polish. There’s no family connection between us! So why we have so strong telepathy with each other?

  2. Dear Ewelina,

    In answer to your question, I don’t think telepathy is only “generally seen between relatives,” it is a whole lot more.

    I believe we all have the one Mind. While we all have the one Mind, our expressions of this Mind are unique to us, rather like you are expressing Mind as Polish, your friend as Norwegian and I as British.

    My understanding of telepathy is that the one Mind expresses through me information that interests me such as messages from friends, relatives, or topics that interests me. This is probably how telepathy works for you too.

    My advice is to be open and let Mind reveal itself to you through. Have fun with it.

    All my love,

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  5. Yes it definatly exsists, i met a strange guy once, who was able to hear the words i was thinking, Kinda like reading a book without reading the book but portraying the words in your mind on the uper or lower level, intensly yet calmly, he was able to respond vocally to the words i was convaying, very strange after that day, I went crazy and had to be admitted, as all this time i was looking for something that people would say i’m crazy, and when i found it, i did go crazy because i was just overwelmed with truth and light, that it was almost scary, but now, things are different it is harder to enter this field of communication, however, if the symbles are right, and my mind is right and separated it into 3 levels of the outer plane and one for yourself now, You’ll do just fine..


    Kind Regards,


  7. Dear Benedict,

    Of course there is hope for you.

    Have you considered meditation or a relaxation technique that helps you to be still and not think so much? That might help.

    Peace and love you my friend.


  8. Please teach me how to gain tele powers, i dont quite understand

  9. Hi Kabuzo.

    Thank you for your question.

    I’m afraid I can’t teach you how to gain this power as it is something that you are, we all are. It’s simply a matter of tapping into it. When I realised myself as infinite mind I found I could pick up thoughts and read thoughts that were directed at me. I’ve also learned how to tune thoughts out rather like a spam guard.

    I would recommend you cultivate some kind of practice such as meditation or whatever method you are drawn to that helps you to know yourself. You could even ask that Telepathy reveal itself to you.

    All the very best.


  10. i think that i have tele power but i dont know how to develope & use for the best result

  11. Hi Jayant.

    All I can say is be open to explore them. Ask them to teach you or reveal themselves to you.

    Enjoy being the Wonder.

  12. Yo I have a really interesting question… is it possible to recieve telepathic thoughts from a higher intell. or an alien? I know it sounds crazy but to tell the truth i bet it can happen.

  13. Well that depends on your belief. If you believe there are aliens and higher intelligence outside of yourself and that you can communicate with them, then you can.

    I don’t believe in a higher intelligence or aliens outside of myself. I am Intelligence so telepathy is actually Me speaking to myself. See ET, You are Already Home.

    Thanks for “connecting.”

    With love,

  14. I don’t know what’s going on with me! I don’t know if my mind is just playing tricks on me or if this is really something.

    I am able to pick up on some people energies. As of late I have found myself hearing and seeing this particular persons name everywhere!!

    Sometimes it seems as though this person is talking to me in my mind. Oh it’s weird…I think I may just be going nuts! Sometimes as the thoughts enter my head as though the person is talking to me…depending on what they are saying to me I get these strange sensations.

    What’s going on? Does anyone know? HELP!

  15. Hi Apple,

    First of all, you’re not going nuts, my friend. Telepathy is quite natural; or rather, it is natural to pick up on thoughts in Mind. In fact people do this a lot without realising they do. For instance, someone having a desire to have chocolate could easily be picking up on all the other desires and thinking it is personal.

    Regarding the person in thought, it is possible this person is thinking of you or trying to communicate, which you’re picking up on. It is also possible it is your own thoughts that have been magnified. The more you notice something the more they multiply.

    I believe you have complete control as to what thoughts you wish to tune into. It’s rather like watching television or listening to a radio. If you don’t like what you’re watching or listening to, change to another channel. In other words, if you don’t feel comfortable with a particular thought, think of another thought.

    Another approach is to stop giving something meaning. For instance, something that someone else might find upsetting can be completely harmless to another. It’s all down to you what meaning you give to a thought.

    The way I find to avoid picking up on “undesirable” thoughts is to be in the state of “no thoughts” or inner silence.

    Peace and love to you.


    ps: you might find these helpful: Thought Impulses and Detachment; Mind Reader; It’s Only Natural; Creation is Making Something Out of Nothing

  16. Thank you for your wonderful comment and observation. I think I am going to go with this one for now!

    “It is also possible it is your own thoughts that have been magnified. The more you notice something the more they multiply”.

    I just can’t believe that this person would be trying to communicate with me telepathically, especially being we have not formally met eachother as of yet!

    * I do have to admit that some of the things that were said in thought did not seem to be something I would think I would think of on my own. The mind is a powerful thing so I may just be creating something that really is not there!

    Thank you so much and have a Beautiful & Wonderful day!

  17. Hi Apple. You wrote:

    “I just can’t believe that this person would be trying to communicate with me telepathically, especially being we have not formally met eachother as of yet!”

    I do this a lot with people I haven’t yet met. It happens at the Soul.

    It will all become clearer to you. Just believe in yourself.

    All the very best to you, my friend.

    Enocia :)

  18. Hi Encia You Wrote

    “It will all become clearer to you. Just believe in yourself”

    I wish it was clear! I am so confused by what I’m feeling and experiencing.

    I think it’s just my mind playing tricks on me because it is what I want to happen and not what is really happening.

    This person that I never met on a one on one basis knows of me we have made a connection based on my name just being passed along this persons way.

    This person could not possibly be making a telepathic connection to me in the way I am interupting it, this person is way to busy and have to many pickings to want or have this sort of connection with me.

    I have to keep telling myself this because all of it seem so far fetched and crazy to be anything else but my mind gone crazy!

  19. Hi Apple,

    You wrote:

    “This person could not possibly be making a telepathic connection to me in the way I am interupting it, this person is way to busy and have to many pickings to want or have this sort of connection with me.”

    Two things. First of all, we are always communicating with one another as we are spirit omnipresent beings. Most people are not aware of this because they’ve forgotten who they are or see themselves as “only human.” When people become more aware they realise they can pick up on thoughts around them. Here’s one example when I was able to pick up someone who had been asking me for help: We are All Angels

    Second, you always have a choice whether you want to experience something or not. If you’re not comfortable communicating this way at this present time, then just disconnect from it.

    Relax. Everything is OK. It’s all good.


  20. I want to gain ..powers… i am no mortiAL… I know That this is possable….

    -_-.. really i do …

  21. Dear Aserath,

    You really are the Power. You just have to believe in yourself.

    With love,

  22. Not sure what to say or what to think but its like at times I get hunches on what to do or what an answer is and Im right alot more often then normal. And I have alot of deja Vu’s. Ill read this entry you made in a bit but I know I need to send you this because I need help to know what this feeling of uncertainty is. Its like I feel something coming like a train wreck but Im trapped and I have to do something but I dont know what. Its as if I can feel something horrible approaching and I can do something about it.

  23. Dear Ryoko,

    I would suggest trusting in yourself. Only you know what those symbols mean for you. Ask yourself for more clarity and you will receive the answer.

    Wishing you peace,

  24. i am in a probleam somebody around me are sending telepathy messages to me they are ordering me to do what they want. like going to cafiteria or taking tea. and they are sending some bad dreams. they are communicating with my subconsious. how is it possible i have been suffering from this for three years they are commanding me and my life indirectely i need help please help me

  25. Dear Saikavitha,

    Thanks for getting in contact.

    I hear what you’re saying. Let me share what I believe -NO ONE has the power to manipulate me unless I give someone that power. I believe you have the power within you too and it’s up to you to stop it.

    Here’s a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

    You might find these articles helpful: Shining in Every Moment; Nothing Can Dull My Shine

    All the very best to you, my dear.


  26. Psychic abilities run in my family and the fact is that I’m no different. But the abilities that I seem to have attained are stronger than theirs. My strongest one is premonition, but I also have telepathy although it is very weak. Is there anything that you can tell me that will help me make it stronger?

  27. Hello Water Angel, thanks for your thoughts.

    I believe we all have these abilities because we are not persons with limited forms, we are Infinite MIND. Please see this article which explains what I mean. Not a Person

    In answer to your question, I can only suggest a way based on my world view of things. Keep identifying yourself as MIND and the rest will take care of itself.

    With love,