Nov 152004

The technique is to listen to your voice of conscience.

You know you’re listening and acting in alignment with your conscience when your body feels relaxed, and your thoughts remain peaceful in deciding how to act.

If you feel stressed or distressed with a plan of action you are not following your conscience.

Following your conscience hurts no one. Not yourself, either.

By acting for the greatest good of everyone concerned in each situation, rather than from just your own desires, you will eventually be able to spontaneously act for the greatest good – most closely acting in alignment with your Higher Self.


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  9 Responses to “Technique for Connecting to your Higher Self”

  1. This is great, Susan. It is so simple and effective. Thank you.

    Love you,
    Enocia :-)

  2. Your name inspired me to read what you had said as i have a sister of the same name. I was not disappointed thank you.

  3. Hi Paula,

    Thank you so much for your words of appreciation.

    Susan Kramer

  4. Hello Susan,
    Let me first thank you for your website. How did you get so many who seem to be enlightened?? Was there some closing down sale???
    Anyway, this method to connect with our higher self seem to be too simple. It it were so, many things would be very easy. Perhaps it is very easy for you after years of meditation.
    My sincere thanks. Vijay

  5. Hi Vijay,

    Thank you for writing here. Connecting to my Higher Self is the easy part; living it always is more difficult. If I rise above any selfish motive it becomes easier to see the resolve or course of action best for all. And actually, what is best for all is best for me too because I preserve my peace of mind. As a further aid in connecting to your Higher Self listen to the subtle sound that seems to be centered within your brain under the top of your skull. Listening to this subtle melody brings peace of mind. This soothing sound I call the Inner Vibration or Holy Vibration or Wholly Vibration is never ending and present in all circumstances. When faced with a dilemma or a difficult choice to make, try a tune up by tuning in with this inner melody.


  6. I knew it, I knew it Susan that living is the difficult part. And that’s is main thing. And we are all always connected to our Higher Self even if we do not feel it consciously. How it could be otherwise??? What would be the Life then?? Your piece suggested (to me) that by connecting to our Higher Self every thing would be in deep bliss. And then comes the part of living it.
    Yes, I know now you were only telling about connecting not living. Warm Regards. Vijay

  7. i’ve discovered this idea through Yoga. really all listening to your ‘higher-self’ or conscience is like picturing an angel on your right shoulder and a devil on the left shoulder; and choosing to always listen to the angel. Indeed the hard part is remembering to see the angel throughout your day, but it can be done. And even if you only remember to do it once in a while it’s still worth it.

  8. Dear Susan,
    i am very grateful to you for your inspiration and encouragement which can help every body to be connected to HS. i found your web site very vital. it helped me very much. what you have written is the truth for which i had been looking for since my childhood. i am very lucky person that God helped to have access to your web site. i hope i will be able to receive fresh information from you to become completly conscious in my life.

  9. Dear Kabir,

    I’m glad you found the technique useful. Perhaps you’ll enjoy some of my meditations at this site –