Dec 142004

In lucid dreams we carry on plausible conversations. When with another person in a lucid dream we are communicating on a freer and more intuitive level of our mind – experiencing in greater depth the mind that we already own, but do not usually access in everyday living.

A way to go into, and access further into the infinite depths of our mind is by sitting still in meditation and by making a firm resolution to disregard any sensations from our body for the 5, 10 or 15 minutes of meditation.

There are only so many thoughts that can float up to our waking consciousness at any one moment. If we are distracted by bodily sensations, our mind is too distracted to get much new information to the forefront.

To make lucid dreaming a more valuable experience, decide before going to sleep what new information you would like. And decide that you will wake yourself up at the end of gaining the information, so that you can immediately write out the new insights.

On the unseen levels we are all entwined and really there are no physical barriers. What one person knows, we can all know, by tuning in to our own deeper, unseen level of contact in a lucid dream or in meditation.

I find on practical and spiritual matters, it is a question of ask and you shall receive, but you must set aside the distractions of the bodily senses in order to receive very much of what is hidden right below the surface of your mind.

And the two ways that I receive information in depth are by lucid dreams, and quietly listening to the humming sound of the Holy Spirit vibration in meditation.


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  3 Responses to “Lucid Dreaming and Meditation Techniques for Problem Solving”

  1. lucid dreams are just amazing ive been having them for some time now, i experinced a shared dream last nite which was really wired, because when i phoned up the person who i met in my dream she clamied to have seen me and spoke to me, she was really scareddd, maby there are planessssssss, i always thought it was jus in ur mind till last nite

  2. I’ve been a lucid dreamer (in training) for two months. The first time was amazing! I could do whatever I wanted at will, but during the second and third time, something happened. I had no control, and I coulndn’t do anything I did the first time. Can you help me? I’d do anything to relive a lucid dream in control.

  3. Dear Opalheart, continue your training. Each dream will be different depending on the information you need at the moment. We don’t control the outcomes of lucid dreams, rather we remember the messages they give us. Be open to new information.