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It’s very tempting to deal with experiences of fear and loss, sickness and pain purely on their own terms. But, by adopting the utterly limited view they present of myself as a perishable body, I’m denying myself the natural access to healing.

While medicines may alleviate some pain and doctors cure bodily symptoms, for some time at least, a real solution can only be provided on the level where the cause of every problem lies: that’s the part of mind which is taking the idea of separation for real. Aiming for anything short of that is a sure way to end up nowhere, because it’s unreal.

As one created by God, the only reality, I am absolute truth, total peace, unconditional love, and pure happiness. Therefore, sickness, pain, loss and other thoughts of separation have to be understood as an illusory attack on the truth. If they’re taken for real, however, the illusion of ego has won the mind over for its own purposes, which is to project endlessly repeating experiences of death and destruction.

The ego is a murderous albeit unreal thought, because it stems from the crazy idea that God – the undivided Oneness that I am – can be attacked by a part of Itself. Only thoughts created as an expansion of Oneness are real, but because I use the power of mind that belongs to Oneness my projection of a universe of separation is a very convincing hallucination.

Now I’ve become a dreamer lost in my own dream without knowing it and therefore fiercely defending its unhappy ‘reality’, because it seems to be all I have. This utter confusion about what I am is exactly where the ego wants me to be, for the sake of its own illusory survival. In a clear mind it wouldn’t last for even a second.

Unless my dreaming mind is willing to accept a vastly different way of perceiving reality, true healing (which is the same as true awakening, enlightenment, salvation, or the attainment of Heaven) remains out of reach.

Knowing where to find the cause of all problems makes it simple, but still not easy. It would even be outright impossible if I had to do it alone as a separate being, because an illusion, like separation, has no access to reality.

But, I’m not alone and I’m not an illusion. So, while caught in a dream of separation, I’m constantly being helped to awaken by the wholeness that we already are forever. I may call this Helper by the name of Holy Spirit, Universal Mind, Higher Self or whatever helps me open my mind to a vision far beyond my usual perception.

Because I’m not alone, real healing, enlightenment, salvation, or Heaven can only be a shared experience, never just a personal one. Healing, therefore, has to be approached through an act of sharing the acceptance of our undivided wholeness. That’s where even the illusion of having a body can be put to beneficial use, through reminding each other of the truth that we are – all of us, totally without exception.

Any exception would reduce the whole effort of healing to nothingness, because any exception to total Oneness means denying its reality. It’s a choice for all or nothing.

Because it’s wholeness that does the healing I don’t have to be perfect as a human healer, just willing to accept wholeness for myself unconditionally. There’s only one mind. Healing is therefore of the mind and doesn’t need the contact of illusory bodies at all.

The mind heals irrespective of time and place. Healing is only a correction of thoughts, accepting what is real and letting go of what is not. A memory is a thought like any other and therefore even relationships with those supposedly passed away can be healed. It’s all happening in the one and only mind. Never anywhere else but here, and never anytime else but now.

That’s why it matters how I use my mind at any moment. It matters what beliefs I cherish, what perceptions I take for real, what judgments I make. It’s one mind and my use of it really makes a difference for all of us.

Sharing the light of the undivided mind, which is what we are, is the only way to heal. When this light is being shared the difference between myself and the other drops away, undoing the illusion of separation. It may not be visible to the physical eye of the dreamer, but it’s all the more real.

Developing my spiritual eye for reality takes a lot of effort but I’m not doing it alone. In fact all the real ‘work’ is being done by the mind that’s not involved in the dream.

This is what the Christ Mind has been teaching us, not just some two thousand years ago, but incessantly through all of time.

In recent times, however, a very clear and unique presentation of this teaching has come to us through the book “A Course in Miracles” (ISBN 0-9606388-8-1). More information at:

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  3 Responses to “sharing the light of the undivided mind”

  1. how do defaet the ego and the illution as a means of love as the mind often wonder off
    is there a way to use my ego to my advatage and the wisdom gain as a teaching for others

  2. Dear Joseph,

    The ego is chaotic by nature, because it’s based on the belief that one can be separate from the perfect harmony that we really are.

    The ego-mind wanders off constantly because, denying the only home where everyone belongs, it has no place to stay, no place to rest.

    It’s no use trying to improve or correct the ego, because that would make it real in my mind. The ego is nothing and will disappear when I’ve seen it fully for what it is and do not identify myself with it anymore.

    Peace cannot be attained, only constantly forgotten.

    Every effort to find peace, is really an effort to ignore it.

    Peace is what we are.

    All the wisdom I need, is fully accessible through inner peace.

    What I’ve come to learn here, is simple trust and acceptance. This means I shouldn’t try to be in control as One already is. The ego cannot let go, but I can, because I’m not my ego.



  3. Dear Stan, i have heard of the course of miracles, I thought that the attached link is to an article of an interview with modern-Day Taoist Wizard Peter Ragnar
    by Andrew Cohen. thought it related very much to the way you are describing the ego’s sense of self an idea, and that if one were truly enlightened as Peter Ragnar… how is it possible to die. Peter’s aim is very specific – to live a very long time.. but again thought you may find it interesting to meditate upon. i look forward to your thoughts. All the best for 2006!