Jan 042005

Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.” (Ecclesiastes 7: 29)

The wonderful thing about being human is freewill. We are free to think. We are free to experience life how we choose. This way we can work out through our actions what experiences are useful for us and what are not. Unfortunately, the same freedom has come at a price.

Humans believe they can use their imagination to create new realities. I have written in an article Creation is a Reaction to What Already Is that I do not create anything. Everything of value already exists in Reality. What do I mean by “everything of value?” I mean whatever that is meant to express harmony, abundance and freedom. I believe the process of life is letting the formless ideas of harmony, abundance and freedom express as forms. But when I try to create what does not already exist, I am reacting to Reality. In other words, what I create will be that which does not exist in Reality, that which is not an expression of harmony, abundance and freedom. Yet those creations will seem very much real.

Let’s take an example of what I mean by creations. There are all those lovely murder mystery books. My mother is a big fan of Agatha Christie so when I was growing up I consumed them like food. I made friends with the detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. I still watch these murder mysteries when they are shown on television. Now in a Reality of Harmony, is there any murder? My understanding is that Harmony will not express anything unlike itself. Yet there is murder in mind, i.e. fiction, people’s lives etc. We wouldn’t have the police or the legal professions if there wasn’t murder in mind. Who created murder?

Murder is a human invention. They are simply realities that humans have created to experience what they consider to be life. These created realities are the equivalent of going into a bookshop where there are so many genres such as sci-fi, fantasies, westerns, horrors, to name but a few. If you wish to experience a reality of horror, pick up a novel and you’re there. Now these realities are very much real within the writer’s mind and the one reading the novel, though this reality is only a virtual reality. It would seem that when the reader has finished reading the book he can walk away without giving the book a second-thought. Or can he?

What the reader doesn’t realise is virtual realities persist. Virtual realities interpenetrate and take on different forms. Virtual realities are commonly known as mortal mind, carnal mind or race mind. There are virtual realities about health, nutrition, politics, education…the list is endless. There’s no point trying to distinguish one virtual reality from another just because one seems to be in a book or another in a movie. The human experience is filled with virtual realities. It is these virtual realities that create/simulate the murders, mayhem and destructions I see around. I say “simulate” because no one is ever killed. The observer of a simulation may think the ones killed have ceased to exist, but they are still alive. They’ve simply entered into another virtual reality.

How do you stop these inventions/virtual realities and simulations? I’ll answer this with another question. What are you going to do if someone tells you that if you go out Goldfinger is going to kill you. (Goldfinger is a Bond villain from the Ian Fleming novel, “Goldfinger”). Will you take the person seriously? Of course not! You’re bound to laugh. Goldfinger has a lot of power in the book (or movie) and wants to rule the world, like all Bond villains, until Bond kills him. But Goldfinger has no power in Reality. Why not treat what is not of Harmony like a fictional character, for a fictional character has no power. If a fictional character has power in your eyes, this can only mean one thing – you are living in the same reality as the fictional character.

My view is this, if what I am experiencing or observing is not of Harmony, it is a virtual reality. I’m not fooled that a virtual reality is real just because it’s not in a book, a newspaper or in a movie. They are all virtual realities.

How can one tell the difference between virtual reality and Reality? I see Reality as very simple. Reality is Harmony.When people are experiencing harmony they get on. This is commonly referred to as love. Harmony can only be harmonious and cannot fight against itself otherwise it will be called dis-harmony. (Get it? Dissing Harmony). :-)

I travel on buses a lot and I have travelled in many virtual realities in my time. :-) I was on the bus yesterday with a driver that was very harmonious. Some passengers got on and tried to buy tickets off the driver. The driver told them they needed to get their tickets beforehand and they should get off at the next bus stop. One complained that other passengers were on the bus and they didn’t have tickets. Why should they have to get off the bus and get tickets? What did the driver do? When he arrived at the next stop, he got off the bus, showed the passengers how to get their tickets and then allowed them back on the bus. Later another couple and their kids got on without buying a ticket. The driver advised them to get their ticket from the machine while he waited for them. Throughout the journey the driver was whistling the Christmas carol Ding Dong Merrily on High. Here was a driver who was in harmony.

No one wants to suffer or be in bondage to anything or anyone. Everyone wants to be free. In a world of harmony, events arrange themselves in accordance with harmony. Because harmony takes care of everyone’s needs, no one need be in bondage to anyone. Where there is Love there is freedom.

I believe life is simple. You’re either living a life that is harmonious and you will express harmony in all ways, or you are living in a virtual reality. Virtual reality tries to simulate harmony but cannot because it doesn’t know how to. Virtual reality only knows how to create that which doesn’t already exist and that which is not like Harmony.

Virtual reality has no power to hurt you unless you are living in a virtual reality.

I am Harmony,

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