Feb 212005

My friend Neeta tells me that her channels predict vast earth changes. This, coming in the wake of the Tsunami, seems scary. But then remember, fear is the absence of love, and when you do remember, you will find there is nothing to fear. Last night I found the book I wanted to lend to Neeta, and opening it this morning, I chanced upon the words:

“The status of the Earth at this moment carries with it vast importance to the Universal working of things. The love source that I speak of time and time again represents the heart of all things. Nothing can ever separate us from this source. All that has been before and will be in the future, exists to enhance and increase this love energy.”

The source is Kryon, Book II.

If I find Book I with me now (was it left in Awas or did I lend it out?), I could tell you exactly who Kryon is but you can always check the web. He calls himself “of the magnetic service”, overseeing the Earth changes required to attune Earth to new vibrations.

Kryon says love and light are the same. He also reminds us that the Universe is literal, and sees the things we do as either lessons learned, or set-ups for new lessons to be learned, both of which generate energy of some kind.

Neeta (Dr. Neeta G. Pai), founder member of “Transform” at St. Elizabeth Hospital in South Bombay, uses promotive and preventive therapies, including ERT – Emotional Release Techniques. When we talked about earth changes and fear, I remembered Kryon.

Let us welcome the earth changes and remember there is noting to fear. Love and Light are the same.