Feb 212005

Painting from the heart means you allow the brush to move and the paints to mix without involving the intellect. The “picture” eventually evolves in the eyes of the beholder – and the longer you look the more you will see. The interesting thing here is that you too can paint pictures from the heart. Just try it!

Some paintings I frame as gifts, others (especially the little ones) I put into card frames and send them to friends. Here are a few samples.

Angel card – this comes with the words:

Be gentle with Yourself.
Remember you are
the best person
you know how to be.



Peace Card – this comes with the words that I repeated to myself often while in hospital. It made me cheerful and tranquil. Repeating the words that I have copied and placed at the back of the card I shed my fears and become peaceful. The words are inside the card and the card can be carried in one’s purse.

The Peace of God
is shining in me now.
Let all things shine upon me
In that Peace.
And let me bless them
with the Light in me.


Then I have a series of “Hospital Visit” cards. In my young days I thought when I retire I would go and visit patients in hospital. Now that I have the time I am no longer able to that. So the next best thing is to make these little cards, give them to my doctor friends to give them to patients in need of cheering up. These cards come with the words:


Remember, you too can paint from the heart. Try it?

Love and Light and have Fun.