Mar 142005

This article is shared by Max DeJong

Real Love is limited to “souled” beings only.
Replica’s cannot generate “love” themselves
so they steal it away from you
in order to regain power (over you!)

Love is a higher level emotion.
It precedes, supercedes and outlives the Matrix.

Love conquers all fear and will open any doors.
So be careful whom you give your “love” to.

If you want to give… than first start with yourself,
and then start giving to those,
who are willing and able to understand the value of Love.

Love united is like a creative explosion.
It will penetrate a hole in the Matrix boundaries,
giving you all the velocity to escape that gravity
and pulls you through the maze of self-illusion
into the infinite space of your own universe.


Max DeJong, author of “THEN – The Oracle”



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