Apr 232005

This is specifically for Mary, who found my journal page Amazing Grace, and who needs help from my angels for her son Alan to get his job back. I pray they may do so, or guide Alan to a new job that is more fulfilling than the one he lost. Let us believe that the Universe has a special plan for Alan, and let us be assured that whatever happens is for the best.

There is no reason to think that Mary’s or Alan’s angels would not be equally effective, but I know this is difficult to see when one feels distressed, helpless and needy.

My own recent experience is survival by sheer force of prayer of people determined to keep me alive. Yes, I do want to live, but when critically ill in November it did not seem all important to me to continue here. Incidentally, the power of prayer has become a scientific fact. Let us hope Mary will find this page and she and Alan will add their prayer.

The most concentrated spiritual help that has come my way in recent years comes from “A Course in Miracles”, published by the Foundation for Inner Peace, P. O. Box 598, Mill Valley, CA 94942. When I say recent years, I remember with deep gratitude the writings of Yogi Ramacharaka, who gave his “Fourteen Lessons” in the year 1904, that came to me in the late seventies, and who remains relevant to this day. But for any seeker today, it will be easier to start with A Course in Miracles. Now, when I seek comfort and advice I open this miraculous book at random. Today it comes up with “My salvation comes from me. It cannot come from anywhere else.” However, (and again according to the good book) to seek help from angels, guides, higher selves and GOD is perfectly permissible.

Bless you dear Mary, Alan and other friends in spirit. I pray that you may be blessed with wonderful insights, happenings, Joy and Love.


  4 Responses to “Asking the Angels”

  1. i would like to open an angel gift shop would this be ok. would you ask the angels for me.

  2. I would like to learn about my angel and answers to some questions and problems in my life

  3. Could you please help me clarify the recent channeling that I recieved. Where to go with it, should I be sure to continue (I know yes, but I am a bit uneasy) Through your angels or whomever can provide you knowledge. Thank you all!


  4. Dear Lauryn,

    Feeling uneasy is an expression of fear.
    Fear is the result of turning away from the eternal truth, which is Heaven.
    Peace knows no fear, because it’s the condition of Heaven, so that’s where I have to go if I want to know the truth, aka Reality.
    The practice of inner peace, therefore is the only way to feel completely at ease with anything whatsoever, because it provides true insight.
    If the content of any message, channeled or not, resonates with my inner peace I do not need anyone to reassure me that it’s true, and make me feel at ease with it. Otherwise it’s no problem to me, either.